Sarah Jessica Parker is adding to her fashion empire

Is there anything Sarah Jessica Parker can't do?! Just weeks after announcing she has launched her own line of little black dresses, the Sex and the City star has turned jewellery designer, too.

Sarah Jessica has collaborated with London-based fine jewellery designer Kat Florence on The Flawless Diamonds Collection, due to launch on 5 November.



Sarah Jessica Parker has collaborated with Kat Florence on a jewellery collection

"There is so much that goes into jewellery," the actress told Vogue. "It is so personal. As an actor I have to remove all of my jewellery in order to take on the characters I play. I get to a trailer for work every day and I have to take off my jewellery to play a character, to be someone else. To me, jewellery is a very special choice."

Not only did Sarah Jessica help to design the collection, but she models in the collection's campaign too, which was photographed by Peter Lindbergh.

The collection is split into four "chapters" or styles, which are each influenced by different techniques and decades of design.


The actress has also launched her own line of little black dresses

While the Opulence chapter features stones and burnished 18k gold, the Heritage collection is inspired by Art Deco architecture. Meanwhile the Pavé Hews celebrates sparkle, and the Symmetry chapter gives motifs from the Thirties a contemporary spin.

The luxurious collection uses D-grade diamonds sourced from Botswana, with prices starting from £1,300.

Sarah Jessica's exciting new project has been announced just one month after the star revealed she has also designed her own line of Little Black Dresses, which are going on sale at Bloomingdales.

The 51-year-old's fashion empire is fast growing, and the actress now has her own covetable collections of both shoes and bridal footwear. She has been working on the collections alongside filming her new HBO drama Divorce, which aired this month.

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