Ashley Graham speaks out about the term 'plus-size'

Ashley opens up about why she believes the term to be alienating

Ashley Graham avoids using the term "plus-size" as she believes it is alienating. The body positive American model, who continues to promote messages of self-acceptance and female empowerment, has posed for the likes of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar magazine.


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Ashley Graham found success as a body positive model 

While Ashley's curves mean she falls within the "plus-size" category for models, she isn't a fan of using the phrase as she feels it places a dividing line between "normal" bodies and the "other".

"It's like, 'Plus what?' That's something I've always been told: 'You're not good enough because you're plus-size," she told The Cut, adding that she prefers to be described as curvy or a 'curve' model but won't stop people from using plus-size. "I'm not here to ban the word from the dictionary."



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The model prefers the word curvy rather than plus-size

The 29-year-old has also flaunted her figure in Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue and served as a judge on reality TV show America's Next Top Model. But she admits that she often feels bad that other models of different ethnic backgrounds, such as Precious Lee and Marquita Pring, don't get the same opportunities that she does.

"I know I'm on this pedestal because of white privilege. To not see black or Latina women as famous in my industry is crazy! I have to talk about it. I want to give those women kudos because they are the ones who paved the way for me," said Ashley.


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Ashley is famed for her enviable curves

However, the brunette beauty is proud to have achieved a "seat at the table" for curvy models, and shares that she is often approached by everyday women in the street who appreciate her style and honesty.

"They see me and go, 'If I had a girl when I was in high school talk the way you talk about your body, my life would be different,'" the star smiled.

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