Holly Willoughby reveals royal wedding outfit - and it's not what you might expect!

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She may not have an invite, but Holly Willoughby is planning to wear something extra special for the royal wedding on Saturday - her own wedding dress! The TV presenter, who married husband Dan Baldwin in 2007, revealed her plans on stage at This Morning Live on Thursday.

Holly couldn't hide her excitement about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's big day, adding that for her family it will be a double celebration as it is also her sister Kelly's 40th birthday party. "We have a big wedding to look forward to on Saturday. Have you not heard what I am doing? You are going to love this!" Holly told Alison Hammond.


Holly Willoughby plans to wear her wedding dress for the royal wedding

"It's my sister's 40th on the same day so I've got a big party for her birthday anyway, all day, and then obviously the royal wedding, so extra excitement and then this week on the old family Whatsapp group that we all have, my sister Kelly said, 'I've got an amazing idea - for anyone that's been married go and get your wedding dress and wear it to the party,'" she said.

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The 37-year-old can't wait for the opportunity to wear her dress again - although she admitted it's not as pristine as it once was. "I dug it out - I took it into This Morning to the big steamer as I haven't got one of those. It is filthy!" Holly said. "I haven't had it dry cleaned. It's a bit ripped. I will look a bit like Miss Havisham."

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Holly will be watching the royal wedding at her sister's birthday party

Holly, who celebrated her tenth wedding anniversary with Dan in 2017, previously shared some very invaluable advice with brides-to-be when This Morning hosted its second live wedding in June. "My advice to a bride approaching her big day is to make sure that she has comfortable shoes," said Holly. "I know you want Cinderella, glitzy, sparkly, amazing high heels but I fell into that trap and I ended up walking around barefoot all day, which was lovely, but if you look at the hem of my wedding dress now, it is covered in dirt and grime. Although it was very much lived in and can tell a few stories!"

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