Exclusive interview with Emily Garner, sixth eliminated model on BINTM

Elle Macpherson, Dannii Minogue and Tyson Beckford have bid farewell to 18-year-old hopeful Emily Garner in Thursday's episode of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model.

In an exclusive interview with HELLO! Online, the former Army cadet who earned the nicknames "posh totty" and "combat Barbie" talks about her tough girl image, that nude photoshoot and meeting Idris Elba.



You gave off a tough image at the start of series but found yourself in several emotionally difficult situations. How did you find the experience?
"I think it was just very different to what I was used to. When I'm with the army, I'm in my element — nobody is judging me and I'm doing things that I know I can do. I just felt so self-conscious and as if I was always being judged. With the army you know when something is right or wrong and everything is a lot more set out in what you are doing. "

You also became quite emotional during Makeover Week. Why was that?
"I think it was just the stress and tension built up from the first couple of weeks. When you're in that situation, you feel like you're losing control, and as a hairdresser myself I had my own opinions. But since the show I've shaved all of my hair off."

Why were you so nervous before the nude shoot?
"It was a really difficult shoot. I lost a lot of confidence and became really insecure as the weeks went on. I kept comparing myself and my figure to the other girls. The only episode I haven't watched back is that one. I don't know if I want to relive that just yet."

How did you find the fairytale photoshoot?
"It was really good, but I did fall down the stairs. I loved the picture and Elle said that it was one of my best. That's what was really gutting because it was the one I had to leave on. But I'm glad that I never had a terrible picture and came out with a strong portfolio, even if the judges thought that I didn’t have what it took to win."



Do you think Dannii Minogue makes a good addition to the judging panel?
"Definitely. I think she did really well. Because it was her first year she was really enthusiastic about everything and really got stuck in. She was really supportive. All of the judges were really good at giving positive and technical advice. I really didn't expect to learn so much about modelling while I was there."

Will you carry on with modelling?
"I'd like to carry on with it if I can, depending on whether I get anything after the show. But I don't know if I have what it takes to make it a full-time career, even if I wanted to. I love to master the technical side of things but it's more about my physique. I still work at Toni & Guy as a hairdresser so I've got that as a back up."

Did you feel ready to leave the show?
"I wanted to stay so badly. But I knew that the things the judges wanted me to fix were never going to change. Because I was the shortest, my photos were disproportionate and weren't up to standard."

Was the atmosphere in the house as catty as you expected?
"The house was a bit catty to a certain extent, but I kind of expected that. It wasn't anything I couldn't really handle. I think Holly and Angel didn't get on because it was just a clash of personalities. It happens in normal families, let alone in that kind of situation in the model house. Laura and I still speak all the time and I'm still in touch with pretty much everyone."



Did the girls genuinely want each other to do well?
"As you get to know each other you begin to wish each other well. If somebody's photoshoot went badly, I felt terrible. You get that bond with them because you are living in such close quarters."

Who would you like to win the show and who do you think is next to leave?
"I'd like Emma or Sophie to win. Based on the bottom four, I think Saffron could leave next. She's been there a few times."

Do you have any tips for those applying?
"Be prepared to shock yourself by what you might find out, because it is tough. When you're watching the show you don't really appreciate that. I think that when you're in that kind of environment you need to be prepared for anything. A lot of people might think they are ready but they're not, something a lot of the girls realised. Modelling is nothing like how it's perceived."

Are you enjoying the limelight since leaving the show?
"I went to the premiere of Pacific Rim with Sophie recently and it was brilliant. We got papped on the red carpet and got to meet Idris Elba. It's definitely a sort of lifestyle I could get used to; that's the plus side to it."
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