Michelle Keegan sends emotional messages to fans on her final day at Coronation Street

Coronation Street actress Michelle Keegan had her last day on the set of the ITV soap yesterday, and sent three emotional tweets to her fans to thank them for their support.

"Today has been one of the most overwhelming days I've ever had. Thankyou SO much for everyone's tweets, messages and kind words...", the HELLO! Online blogger tweeted to her over two million fans.



As she left the set in Manchester, the 26-year-old stopped to receive presents, take pictures, and sign autographs for waiting fans.

One fan showed Michelle a tattoo he had of her face which had been positioned on his stomach.

The star’s grand finale has been kept a closely guarded secret, as her character Tina McIntyre will be murdered in a dangerous plot twist.

"I'll be forever in debt to Coronation Street and ITV for giving me the role of Tina, I'm going to miss her, and everyone at Corrie...", Michelle added, before thanking her fans for their long time support and making a joke about Tina’s style.
"Thank U for all the support over the last 6 n a half yrs. I'll always have a piece of Tina with me- It's inevitable I have her earrings! X", she tweeted.

Speaking to HELLO! Online, Michelle had previously discussed Tina’s style, or lack thereof.

"She hasn't got the best style in the world has she? She's a bit chavvy and dresses down a lot. Every time I see a new outfit, I just think 'I don't care – it's not me, it's Tina, bless her!' and put it on," Michelle laughed.


Talking of Tina’s final scene, Michelle said: "I read the script for my final scenes but I don't know who the murderer is. I don't think they will tell me until the last minute, it's out of a few people. I keep asking people what the answer is but nobody will tell me!", she confessed.

Someone who does know who murders Michelle Keegan’s character is fiancé Mark Wright, who was there when Michelle filmed her final scenes.

"Watching my baby @michkeegan shoot her final scenes tonight. So proud, such a truly talented girl. #smiling #proud #love" tweeted Mark, as Michelle wrapped on the soap.

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