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Made in Chelsea episode 7: lies, drama and love triangles

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After last week's explosive ending, Made in Chelsea returned on Monday with even more dramatic love triangles and back-stabbing among the cast mates. Louise was at the centre of the drama, with Andy admitting that he still had a "soft spot" for her while also telling Alik that he should be careful with her and that he was looking out for him. The love complications continued, with Stephanie and Josh's blossoming relationship being upset by Stevie Johnson, who said to Andy, “Do I want them to be together? No!

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Read on to find out what we leaned from episode seven … 1. Stevie Johnson does not suit a beanie hat Since the beginning of Made in Chelsea, Stevie Johnson has been recognised as the sweetheart of the show. With his long blonde hair, his boyish features and well-groomed style he has long been an MIC favourite. But after a summer in New York with best friend and hipster designer, Proudlock, Stevie’s style has slowly evolved and this week was the debut of ‘the beanie. Wearing a black leather jacket and grey beanie Stevie channeled a moodier, alternative look. Sadly, we prefer Stevie's chiseled look over this new grungier style. Give the beanie to Andy, and step away from the hats Stevie.


2. Josh and Stephanie are the cutest couple of the season From stealing a cheeky kiss in the florists to passionately kissing over dinner, Stephanie and Josh are officially adorable. Despite their reservations, the duo couldn’t keep their eyes off each other and decided to pursue their budding romance, with Stephanie admitting to Stevie, "I do really like him, in no way is this a rebound. I hope that things do get serious with him." Obviously sad to hear that his ex-girlfriend had so quickly moved on with his best friend, Stevie asked, "Does he make you laugh?" before Stephanie admitted that he did, and she felt sad that she was upsetting her ex. "I'm really surprised at how happy I am."

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However, Stevie was reluctant to allow his best friend, Josh, get away with stealing his ex-girlfriend's heart, admitting to Andy, "Do I want them to be together? No!" before pointing out to Josh that they would never be close friends again. 3. Andy is weaving a complicated web of lies "I have both of their best interests at heart. I have a friendship with both of them," said Andy at the end of the show, after admitting that he still had feelings for his ex-girlfriend but was worried for his new best friend, Alik, for continuing his relationship with Louise.


It all blew up in his face in the end, with Louise saying he was being "malicious" and telling the budding singer, "I don’t like you." Visibly upset from hearing this, Andy walked away before Louise admitted to Rosie, "from an exes point of view, you do not want to get involved." 4. A girl slept in Sam's bed…while he is dating Tiff For weeks, Sam Thompson has been fighting to win over Tiffany Watson and in recent episodes, it seemed as though he had sprung up a relationship with the newcomer. However, on Monday, Sam revealed to best friends Jamie Laing and Toff that another girl had slept in his bed but "nothing happened". Worried that he had ruined things with Tiff he admitted, "I don’t know if we’re strong enough with each other for a serious chat yet." 5. Don't mess with the Watson sisters

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At Jamie’s party later that night, Sam took Tiff to one side and admitted that a girl had slept in his bed but that she had nothing to worry about as he still fancied her. Upset that he hadn’t told her sooner and had lied about what happened, Tiff questioned Sam over his actions, before HELLO! Online blogger, Lucy Watson walked over to her sister to give her some support.


"I don’t really understand what you're trying to say," she said to Sam, confused as to why he would allow another girl in his bed if he liked Tiff so much. Annoyed at his mumbling responses, the Watson sisters walked off, leaving Sam to lick his wounds alone. Tune in next week on E4 at 9pm for more MIC drama.