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Tensions run high in Made in Chelsea

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After weeks of cheating allegations directed towards Alik, last week’s Made in Chelsea episode revealed that Louise had possibly cheated on her boyfriend. Monday’s episode started with Louise and Rosie questioning why Binky hadn’t mentioned. "I don’t know if he’ll be able to trust me again," said Louise as Alik said that he felt "absolutely destroyed" during a coffee catch-up with Stevie and Andy.

louise alik

"It was a nightmare," admitted Andy who revealed that he felt like he was watching his own relationship with Louise unfold in front of him.

Over at Jamie Laing's Candy Kittens office, Toff and Jamie interrogated Sam Thompson over his blossoming relationship with HELLO! Online blogger, Lucy Watson.

Later that day, Andy caught up with Lucy and gossiped about Stephanie Pratt and Stevie Johnson's complicated relationship.

Then Lucy dropped the bombshell that the Californian beauty was on a date with Stevie’s best friend, Josh, and his adorable puppy Maggie. "I would quite like to take you out again," said Josh before admitting that he felt he needed to tell Stevie that they were dating. Hearing that Lucy had been the one to tell Louise of her cheating while drunk, Andy said that she did the right thing but feared for Alik."The trust has gone," said Andy before saying that Louise was a “nightmare” when she was drunk.

Alik went over to Louise's house to clear the air but asked her if she was 100 per cent sure that she didn't remember anything.

"I believe you, but there’s something else. If Binky has known about this rumour, why would she have not approached you about it?" questioned Alik. "I'm willing to put it all behind us because I really do love you," he said.

Enjoying an afternoon with the boys in the sun, Stevie, Josh, Proudlock, Sam and Jamie played a game of archery before they asked Louise's brother about dating another Watson.

"They like their guards up these girls," joked Proudlock after admitting that it didn’t exactly work out when he told Lucy to let her guard down.

lucy steph stevie

However, things turned sour when Josh revealed to Stevie that he went on a date with Stephanie, which upset Stevie. However, Stephanie’s ex admitted that he won’t stand in the way of their budding romance but said that he wasn’t impressed. Back in London, Toff revealed to Tiff that Sam had said that they had kissed, which annoyed Lucy’s sister given that she admits that she is a "private person". Across town, Alik met Binky for lunch and asked her about her reasons for concealing Louise's alleged cheating.

"I know that she stayed on the sofa. Louise was passed out on the sofa. The next morning they were on the sofa watching Disney films," she said. Binky said that something might have happened the next day, but to her knowledge, nothing had happened that night, suggesting that Louise may be lying to Alik.

When Louise arrived, Binky explained her side of the story but things escalated when Alik admitted that he was furious that Louise was spending the morning after the party with a boy she alleged cheating on him with.

"I don't remember locking lips with this other person,” said Louise before Binky revealed that Louise had been asking everyone the day after if anyone knew if she had kissed the boy.

Having a girly shopping trip, Lucy and Stephanie were soon joined by Stevie who admitted that his ex-girlfriend wanting to date his best friend, Josh, was unfair.

luc steph

"I can't be close friends with you if that sort of thing's happening," said Stevie before Stephanie admitted that she wouldn't care if it was the other way round. "I think I'm being a bit more respectful than you," before Stephanie became visibly upset and said that she never wanted to be friend with him if he acted like that.Stevie then burst into tears, confused as to why Stephanie would treat him like this following their romance in New York. Chatting to Josh on the phone that afternoon, Stephanie revealed to her new beau that Stevie had guilt-tripped her about dating him while Josh said that he had been completely fine with him. Josh said that they should continue dating, despite Stevie’s reservations.Meeting with Alik that evening, Louise apologised for messing things up with her boyfriend but was unsure how they could continue their relationship if he didn't trust her.

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"I've said I'm sorry a million times, I'm in the wrong. The idea that I could lose you is the worst possible outcome," she revealed. At the cast mates dinner party next week, Josh picks Stevie up on the fact that he had been telling Stephanie different things.

"I need to take a step back and give you distance," said Stevie before revealing that he didn’t think Stephanie had ever cared about him as much as she said, which upset the American.

Chatting with the boys, Andy revealed to Alik and Proudlock that Louise wasn't going to change and warned Alik that he was "in danger of being a complete mug" as he sympathised with Louise's boyfriend.

At the dinner table, Lucy, Tiff and Sam said that Toff was being patronising towards Lucy’s sister.

"We could all die tonight, so let’s try and be happy," joked Stephanie as the dinner party became increasingly more awkward. When Jamie asked Alik and Louise if they were together, Alik openly said to the guests at the dinner table that he was trying to make things better with Alik.

"You sound awfully defensive," Alik said to Binky as it came out that she should’ve said something to Louise about her cheating. Things became heated between the two as they shouted across the table before Alik broke down into tears. "I'm sorry for being rude, I take it back," said Binky, following insulting him.Leaving the dinner table, Louise admitted that she was scared to lose Alik and promised to never put him through this heartbreak again.

Despite making up, Andy admitted that things will never be good as long as Louise continues to lie. "Track record isn't looking good is it?" he said before their friends shouted at his negativity towards Louise.

Tune in next Monday for more MIC drama on E4 at 9pm.