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Lucy Watson and Josh Shepherd butt heads in MIC

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Made in Chelsea returned on Monday with Alik, Louise, Stephanie and Josh enjoying a casual horse ride through the countryside. As the group discussed their excitement at having HELLO! Online blogger Lucy Watson back to London, Josh admitted he wasn't that excited to see his girlfriend's best friend.Back in the city, Jess caught up with the girls and explained that Andy Jordan kindly spoke to her at last week's party after revealing he knew that she had hooked up with Jamie Laing."He was really understanding and didn't rule things out with me," said Jess but Fleur said that Andy had implied on their date that he wanted to date her instead of Jess.

jess lucy

Lucy and Jess have become friends since filming started

"I'd be sad if we just stopped," replied Jess, much to Fleur's disappointment.Over at Elliott, James and JP's house, the conversation swiftly turned to James and Lucy's budding romance. "The more I see someone, the more I open up," said James. After JP and Binky's successful date last week in the countryside, JP suggested that James and Lucy join them on a double date.Across town, Stevie was catching up with Lucy and Binky Felstead and wanted to find out all the details on the girls' love lives."He's worse than me at small talk, he doesn't make conversation," said Lucy referring to her stilted conversation with James last week at the rooftop party.Hanging out in the sunshine, Jamie, Alex and Emily chatted about Andy's love triangle but when Alex left, Jamie revealed that he really liked Jess but was worried she had feelings for someone else that wasn’t Andy. "She said to me in Barbados that she had real feelings for Alex and if Nicola wasn't in the picture she'd go for him," he said.He added: "I can't shake it, she says her and Alex are unfinished business, she runs off to Andy and I'm the only one who actually likes her."That evening, Stephanie, Lucy and Binky decided to do a spot of Barre exercise but when Josh dropped Stephanie off at the class, Lucy and him could barely make conversation.

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Stephanie is caught between her boyfriend and best friend's problems

"Is it me or was that a little bit awkward," asked Binky before Lucy revealed that Stephanie had recently said that Josh had openly admitted to hating her and said it was "rude and pathetic".JP interrupted the awkward silence by calling Binky and asking her if she would like to join him on a double date with James and Lucy.Dating was the topic of conversation that evening as Jamie called Alex to ask whether he should tell Jess how he felt about her, despite knowing she still had feelings for Alex."Go for it. Tell her how you feel," advised Alex before going to meet Nicola to tell her that he loved her.Biting the bullet, Jamie finally pulled Jess to the side at the bar that night and said: "I want to be that person to take you on a date and hang out with you.""I can't believe it, I didn't think you'd say that," replied Jess before asking to have some space to think about how she felt.That weekend the MIC cast enjoyed an afternoon of clay pigeon shooting and Toff asked Mark Francis for some flirting advice to entice Elliott."You don't want to look like you're possessed, otherwise he'll send a priest," he advised as Toff struggled with her hair-flicking technique.Back in London, JP, Binky, James and Lucy played table tennis on their date and Lucy admitted that she really liked James. Binky then suggested that JP should go on another date together and she would think of something.


Binky has been spotted on dates with newcomer JP in recent weeks

"I'd love to take you on a date," followed up James, as he admitted that he struggled opening up to Lucy. JP said he'd help him on his 'talking skills'.Back in the countryside, Stephanie confronted Josh on his feelings for Lucy. "I think she's fundamentally jealous and that’s because she's unhappy. She’ll never be happy for you. If she's happier and has someone, she'll be more mellow. She has a high opinion of herself and needs a reality check," he admitted.Meanwhile, Jamie told Nicola that no one ever believes him when he tells them he likes them and Nicola seemed to be completely shocked that he liked her.On a night out with the boys, Josh and Alik told James and JP that they found it difficult to connect with Lucy. "I think she's just jealous, if she’s in to you fair play. Whatever we've said now, don't let that sway you," said Josh to an obviously stunned James.Telling Lucy what he'd just heard, Lucy was shocked that she was called "jealous". "It's weird he's talking about her to people he didn't know," she said.James admitted that it seemed that Josh thought his issues with Stephanie are due to Lucy. "It sounds like he's trying to put you off me," she said.Across London, Fleur told Jamie and Millie that she has decided to back off Andy as Jess had admitted that she really liked Andy and was going to see him at his gig. Jamie attempted to not let his feelings be shown to the group.Back on Lucy’s night out, Lucy confronted Josh about his harsh comments. "Do you think I sit back at home and think about you? Don't go telling the last guy I had a date with that I’m jealous of your relationship," she said.

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Lucy, Tiff and Stephanie is happier times

Interrupting her, Josh said that despite making an effort with her, he didn’t like her. When Stephanie approached the awkward conversation, Stephanie said that she saw both of their viewpoints but found the situation very difficult. "I don’t hate you," Lucy admitted, saying that Josh making her friend happy made her happy. "I think you're incredibly rude," replied Josh forcing Lucy to storm off.After Jamie revealed to Nicola and Alex that Jess liked Alex and loved the attention, Jess finally opened up to Andy that she chose him over Jamie but this didn’t go down well with Andy.Admitting that he couldn’t go for her if Jamie liked her, Jess said that she wouldn’t wait for him and she understood his decision. "I'm going cold turkey and won’t speak to her," Jamie admitted to Alex meaning that Jess was left alone for the night.Made in Chelsea continues next Monday at 9pm on E4.