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Watch: Reese Witherspoon struggles with her Spanish on set with Sofia Vergara

sofia vergara
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Hollywood's leading ladies Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara are set to appear on the big screen for their new comedy Hot Pursuit, but as their blooper reel shows, filming wasn't quite as slick as expected.

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Louisiana-born Reese was forced to ditch her native tongue and speak Spanish in some scenes, much to the amusement of her Colombian co-star Sofia.

"When I hear her speak Spanish I realise why I'm funny to Americans," said Sofia, who is best known for playing the hilarious Gloria on Modern Family.

sofia vergara © Photo: Getty Images

Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon star opposite in new comedy Hot Pursuit

She added: "I would see how she was struggling and suffering. It's hard to really be acting when you're translating. The emotion can't come. So I enjoyed this because she was feeling what I feel every day."

However Reese wasn't the only one who tripped over her words, as Sofia also had to do her fair share of retakes.

Hot Pursuit, which is out in the UK on 31 July, follows the story of uptight and by-the-book cop Cooper, played by Reese, whose mission is to protect the widow of a drug lord Daniella - aka Sofia - as they race through Texas, pursued by crooked cops and murderous gunmen.

Apart from promoting her new film, Sofia has had her hands full with wedding planning. The 43-year-old is set to marry her actor fiancé Joe Manganiello in the near future, and in the lead-up, Sofia has been counting on her close friend Reese for help.

"We have a lot of plans," Reese told Extra back in February, two months after Sofia and Joe got engaged. "I gotta help, I've gotta be there for my girl! So I'm excited."

Speaking highly of her co-star, Reese added: "Oh my God! Sofia Vergara is so funny, as you know. But I can't wait for people to see her in the movie. It's just a great new character for her to play and I think people will love it."

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