Simon Cowell on X Factor's Mason Noise: 'He was out of order'

Mason Noise has proved to be one of the more controversial acts on this year's The X Factor. The 22-year-old was openly booed when he made it through to the live shows, and he was also sent off stage after he ranted during the six-chair challenge.

Simon Cowell was less than impressed with Mason's diva behaviour, but the head judge has admitted that all is forgiven.

"I said to him he was out of order and made my point," said Simon on This Morning. "But when we made up, he was a man, he was apologetic and if Nick backs him, you know, it was the right decision and the public are going to decide."


"I said to him he was out of order," said Simon Cowell about Mason Noise

Fellow judge Nick Grimshaw chose to bring Mason through to the live shows, alongside Che Chesterman and Sean Miley Moore.

As for Simon, the 56-year-old is in charge of the Overs category and will be mentoring Bupsi Brown, Anton Stephans and Max Stone.

"I was a bit sulky when I got this category, I get sulky…," Simon admitted. "But what I have to do now is prove I've got three brilliant singers and we're going to bring a winning attitude next week."

Mason was "a man" about it and apologised for his diva behaviour

Giving his reasons for why he chose each contestant, Simon said: "The first time I met Bupsi she was the last audition and I was just about to say good bye. She was too nice. And then of course she replied with 'nasty' and I was kind of in the mood for nasty!

"And Louis [Tomlinson] loved Max and said to me 'this guy's got real talent'. And Anton was a no brainer, I love people that are passionate and that's the thing about Anton - he never stops talking!"

On Thursday it was confirmed that Monica Michael would return to the live shows as a wildcard act. The budding singer, who missed out on a place in Rita Ora's top three on Sunday, said she was "hyped" to be returning.