X Factor's Six-Chair Challenge puts pressure on contestants – see the video here

X Factor's notorious Six-Chair Challenge will take place on Saturday and Sunday evening, and will see contestants fight for one of the coveted seats to ensure they get through to the next stage of the competition.

To get through to the Judges' Houses stage of the singing reality show, the contestants must perform in front of a live audience for the very first time in the series. After performing, the contestants will be able to take a seat which, should they be able to keep it, will send them through to the next stage of the competition. However, no one is safe as once they are sitting down each judge can choose to swap contestants should a later performance be better.


James Hughes will perform on Saturday

James Hughes is among the contestants hoping to impress the judges, and showed off what he can do with an incredible rendition of Tina Turner's Proud Mary. Sunday's episode will see Irina Dedyuk try to win judge Sharon Osbourne's favour by performing Mamma Knows Best by Jessie J.

The stage of the competition is particularly stressful, and the show's presenter Dermot O'Leary has previously admitted that he finds the stage "cruel". After he was asked by The Sun if he stopped watching the show after temporarily stepping down as presenter in 2015, he said: "God no. I've always been a fan, even though I've said the Six-Chair Challenge is cruel.

Irina Dedyuk will perform on Sunday's show

"When I've been put in a corner and somebody asked me, 'If you were Simon and the ratings went down, what would you do?' And I said, 'Well, I'd rest it'.

"Other than that, I've been ­nothing but positive about it as I'm a fan. I always have been."