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EastEnders fans think they have guessed who Fi Browning's dad is

Lisa Faulkner's character phoned her dad on Thursday's episode – despite telling people he was dead


EastEnders fans played detective after businesswoman Fi Browning, played by Lisa Faulkner, made a mysterious phone call to her dad at the end of Thursday night's episode. Fi had previously told Mick that her dad was dead, suggesting that there is far more to come in the storyline. Fans were quick to guess who Fi could be related to after watching the show, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts, with many believing it to be the Chairman of Weyland & Co.

One wrote: "Fi Browning her dad has to be Max's boss," while another suggested: "Got it all worked out (I think). Josh and Fi are siblings, their dad is the chairman of Weyland. Max and Fi work together." A third added: "Is Fi the daughter of Max's big boss?"


Fi Browning had told Mick Carter that her dad was dead

Fi had opened up about her past to Mick last week, revealing that her mother had committed suicide and that she had found her dead in the bath after returning home. This then lead to her trying to kiss the pub landlord and making a call to Josh Hemmings after he rejected her advances. The phone call to Josh caused fans to question the pairs link, with guesses ranging from secret lovers to siblings.

Throughout the week, EastEnders fans have been on the edges of their seats. The lives of several major characters were left in the balance at the end of Thursday's episode. Max Branning, who has been determined to get revenge on all those who wrongly sent him to prison for Lucy Beale's murder, left a paralysed Jane Beale to die in a fire at the restaurant. 


Fans took to Twitter to guess who Fi's dad might be

Max even stopped Steven Beale (who had started the fire on purpose) from saving her, who had set the restaurant on fire to kill her, but then had second thoughts. Max then told a distressed Ian Beale that he couldn't find his wife in the flames.

Pregnant Abi Branning was also rushed to hospital after being caught up in the fire, while Johnny Carter was taken away in another, having been accidentally shot by Ted Murray. The episode ended with an ambulance being hit by a truck, leaving viewers guessing who it was carrying, and most importantly, whether or not they would survive.

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