Coronation Street spoilers: Sally makes things worse for herself and Peter goes to new lengths to stop Tyler bullying Simon

Coronation Street spoilers are right here!

Emmy Griffiths

Find out everything you need to know about the dramatic events of Corrie next week! The upcoming episodes of Coronation Street sees Sally furiously fire her solicitor after walking in on her with Sophie, Leanne and Toyah toy with Imran, as Peter goes to new lengths to stop Tyler from bothering Simon. Find out all of the Corrie spoilers below...

Monday part one

Toyah and Leanne both arrange a night out with Imran, unaware they are seeing the same guy, while Adam tells Imran he needs to make a list of pros and cons of both women to decide who he wants to be with. Sally finds a list of names that Imran has dropped in the cafe and when she goes to the solicitors’ office she overhears Adam advising Imran that he can’t continue sleeping with both sisters, and that he has lost the list of witnesses for Duncan's case – but what will she do with the information?


Tyler and his gang rip up Simon's homework, and Peter responds by confronting Tyler’s mum Vicky, who makes it clear she blames Simon for her son being in prison. Elsewhere, Hannah and Steve provide swabs for a DNA test. Evelyn proves to be a difficult house guest. Drug dealer Ronan collars Adam, explaining his son is just out of Young Offenders and wanting him to find him a job.

Monday part two

Sally tells Leanne and Toyah that Imran has been seeing both of them, and the sisters decide to teach him a lesson by convincing him that they would like to date him together. They lure him to the bistro and offer him the night of his life.


Peter is furious when Carla gives Tyler’s mum Vicky a job at the factory. Evelyn takes part in the Rovers quiz but annoys her team when she shouts out the wrong answer in a tie break, letting the other team win. Ken reveals he’s started writing short fiction. Adam persuades Michelle to give Ronan’s son Cormac a job washing up at the bistro. Ryan’s shocked when he reveals he’s still dealing drugs. Tracy fires a warning shot across Hannah’s bow.


Wednesday part one

Sally accidentally walks in on Sophie with Paula while worried about her pre-trial hearing. She calls one of the witnesses of Imran's list, and Paula warns her she could get in serious trouble, but Sally refuses to listen and sacks her. Upset, she also tells Sophie she doesn’t want her at court either. Tim is worried.


Imran finds a list of pros and cons about him made by Leanne and Toyah, and fires Leanne. Despite Peter’s appeal to Carla to sack Vicky, Carla is left with no choice but to keep her on when Beth and Kirk phone in sick. Elsewhere, Brian and Geoff come to blows over gardening. Fiz tells Tyrone it might be better if Evelyn found somewhere else to live, but Tyrone refuses to consider the idea.

Wednesday part two

Sally sets off for court with no solicitor, leaving Imran amused that she is representing herself. He wastes no time telling the judge that she has harassed a witness. Adam insists that Imran will have to give Leanne her job back as the filing system is in a mess.


Simon is horrified when Peter tells him he is determined to sack Vicky and tells his dad it will only make things worse so instead, Peter tells Vicky she can keep her job as long as she tells Tyler to call off his mates. Audrey is upset when Maria reveals that Claudia plans to open her new salon in Victoria Street. Evelyn is interested to discover Tyrone was once engaged to Maria. Tyrone is upset when Evelyn says she lost all photos of his mum in a house fire. Geoff and Brian’s gardening war hots up as Geoff resorts to sabotage.


Friday part one

Desperate, Sally phones Sophie and asks her to reinstate Paula as a furious Tim is blaming Sophie for the situation. He then discovers that Imran threatened Sally over her exposing his affair with Toyah and Leanne, and takes matters into his own hands. Peter shows Tracy and Steve an article about the castle they have booked for their wedding being destroyed by fire, and Steve tries to pretend like he's disappointed. Peter assures Carla he’s smoothed things over with Vicky and is happy for her to continue in packing. Carla's confused by his change of tune.


Claudia comes to the rescue when Audrey gives Ken a bad haircut. Leanne and Toyah force Imran to apologise in the cafe, but Leanne clocks the way Toyah looks at him. Hannah pretends to collapse after hearing that Liz still has money from her sale of the Rovers.

Friday part two

Following her collapse, Liz asks Hannah to move in with her so she can take care of her, leaving Tracy less than impressed. Meanwhile, Jim questions Hannah on whether they are going too far expecting Liz to use all her money. Sally is upset when Tim tells her about his row with Imran. Back at home, Gina comforts Tim and reassures him he has done nothing wrong as he was just standing up for his wife. With things at the factory no better Peter looks into buying the old snooker hall on Victoria Street.


Steve is embarrassed at his wedding dance class with Tracy when Mary and Abi make fun of him. When he storms out Abi offers to help him so he can surprise Tracy. Claudia suggests Ken should submit his short stories to the Gazette.