Coronation Street spoilers January 14-18: Sinead gives birth early after receiving tragic news

Find out what's happening in Corrie next week

Christmas drama on Corrie might be over and done with, so we suppose it's back to all of the regular drama, as per usual! This week's Coronation Street sees Sinead and Daniel receive devastating news which causes Sinead to give birth early – but will the baby be okay? Time is running out for Sally, while Tracy and Steve contemplate having another baby. See all of the spoilers episode-by-episode here…

Monday 14 January part one

Discovering Duncan's critically ill in hospital, Tim admits to Sophie that he gave chase, Duncan was hit by a van and he left him for dead. Sophie goes to the hospital where she's stunned to find May. Making out she's a neighbour, Sophie tells May that Duncan has been moved to another hospital and offers to drive her there. Taking a photo, Sophie tells Tim she's got May in the car and she's their bargaining chip. Tim heads to the hospital on a mission, showing Duncan the picture of May he suggests from now on he'll do as he's told.

The oncologist breaks the news to Sinead and Daniel that her cancer has grown, she needs radiotherapy immediately and therefore they must deliver the baby today. When Beth, Kirk, Carla, Craig, Sarah and Izzy descend on the maternity ward for an impromptu baby shower, Sinead's touched but Daniel finds it all too much and heads out.

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Nick presents Leanne with a diamond necklace. But when Leanne posts a selfie of her gift online, Elsa confronts Nick and tells him the divorce is on hold as he clearly has more money than he lets on. Elsewhere, Steve, Tracy and Amy arrive back from Tenerife. Steve's clearly loved up whilst Tracy is worn out with his constant sexual demands.

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Monday 14 January part two

As Duncan sticks to his story, a desperate Tim tells Sophie to get May on the phone. But as Sophie takes the call, May does a runner. Gina comes to the rescue, tracking May down to the tram stop and making a grab for her. As Gina begs May to tell the truth, if not for Sally for the sake of her own daughter, will she comply?

With Daniel by her side, Sinead gives birth to a baby boy. But as the baby is whisked away to neonatal, Sinead passes out. Is Daniel about to lose everything? Meanwhile, Leanne quizzes Nick about Elsa's visit. Nick plays it down but Leanne's suspicious, especially when Toyah reveals how a woman keeps phoning the flat and asking for Nick. Elsewhere, when Tracy reveals Steve's libido is off the scale and she can't keep up, Beth muses that any talk of babies immediately cools Kirk's ardour. Will it have the desired effect on Steve? Dev confides in Steve how he found condoms in Aadi's room.

Wednesday 16 January part one

Nick's taken aback to see Natalie, a waitress from the Nottingham restaurant, on the street. He tries to get rid of her but not before Leanne approaches, demanding to know what's going on. As David watches on intrigued, Nick has to think on his feet and makes out that Natalie is his divorce solicitor. Will Leanne buy this and who really is Natalie?

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As Sally sits alone in her cell she's horrified by the arrival of Marcia. Meanwhile, an emotional Daniel introduces Ken to his tiny son. As he admits just how scared he is Ken hugs him close. But when the doctor explains he needs to examine the baby privately, Daniel's deeply concerned. Elsewhere, Mary warns Tracy that her plan to put Steve off sex by suggesting they try for a baby could backfire as he could easily warm to the idea. When a sad Rana confirms that her divorce is now finalised, Kate points out that the plus side is they're now free to get married.

Wednesday 16 January part two

When Leanne starts asking awkward questions, Nick tells her that Elsa saw her new necklace online and reduced her settlement offer. Leanne's apologetic. Meanwhile, as Marcia pulls out a knife and lunges at Sally she's terrified. Tim rails at Imran and Gina for their part in Sally's wrongful incarceration.

Daniel and Sinead name their son Bertie, a nod to Uncle Albert. The doctor breaks the news to Daniel that Bertie has a bowel condition but when Sinead asks how he's doing, Daniel covers not wanting to upset her. Elsewhere, over lunch in the bistro Steve and Tracy admit neither of them really wants a baby.

Friday 18 January part one

Gary breaks the news to Audrey that it's going to cost thousands to fix the dry rot in her house. Devastated, Audrey realises she'll have to sell the salon. Audrey summons Claudia and suggests she might like to buy her share of the business. Claudia jumps at the opportunity but when David returns he's furious to discover Audrey has sold out to Claudia. David loses his temper and tells Claudia she can stick his job.

Announcing that he's changed his mind, Steve presents Tracy with an ovulation test kit. Tracy's horrified. Meanwhile when Tracy finds out from Beth that Daniel is keeping the news on Bertie's health from Sinead, she vows to put things right. Elsewhere, as Kate ploughs on with their wedding plans, Rana reckons they should wait until they know the outcome of Johnny's trial. Kate's adamant he won't be sent down.

Friday 18 January part two

When Tracy muses that having another baby might be a good thing, Mary points out she should consider Amy's feelings too. As Steve and Tracy make a list of the pros and cons of having another baby, they're interrupted by Amy who makes it clear she thinks it's a terrible idea.

David shows Audrey the empty premises on Victoria Street and announces that he and Nick are going to open a barbers' shop. Audrey, Claudia and Maria are stunned. Meanwhile, Daniel wheels Sinead to the premature baby unit to meet Bertie. Sinead's overcome with emotion as she gazes at her tiny son. Elsewhere, when Mary overhears Rana moaning that Kate can't afford the wedding dress of her dreams, she suggests Carla could get the girls to make it at cost.