Coronation Street spoilers January 21-25: Will Amy Barlow keep her baby?

Find out the latest on Coronation Street here!

The latest soap spoilers for Coronation Street are here! In next week's episodes, Roy finds out Sylvia has been taken severely ill, Abi struggles with her job interviews and Amy struggles with her decision when she finds out she is pregnant – and tells Liz the news that she is expecting a baby – but will she keep the baby? Find out all of the latest here…

Monday 21 January part one

Amy bunks off school and attends a family planning clinic, explaining to the nurse she's pregnant and needs the abortion pill. But when the nurse insists she must discuss her situation with an adult first, Amy leaves upset. As Tracy gets a call from school to say Amy is missing, Amy texts Liz and asks to meet in the urban garden where she drops the bombshell that she's pregnant and needs Liz to accompany her for an abortion. How will Liz react?

Audrey explains that the dry rot is much worse than she thought, the floor has collapsed and she'll have to move out. To David's annoyance, Gail insists Audrey must move in with them. Meanwhile, Sinead reaches into the incubator and tentatively touches Bertie but when his ECG alarm goes off she panics.

Elsewhere, when Abi reveals she's got a job interview, Abi becomes Sally's next project as she works on her presentation and interview skills. Having discovered that his bed hasn't been slept in, Carla confides in Shona that she's worried about Roy as it's the anniversary of Hayley's death. When Carla takes a call from Sylvia and still can't locate Roy she reports him missing to the police.

Monday 21 January part two

Convincing her she needs to speak to her Mum and Dad, Liz leads a nervous Amy home. Whilst Tracy remains calm, Steve flies off the handle and storming into the corner shop accuses Aadi of getting Amy pregnant. Amy's mortified to realise that now the whole school will be talking about her. When Steve demands to know who the Dad is, will Amy give his name?

With Audrey having moved in, Sarah's horrified to learn that she and Gary are now on lilos on the living room floor. Aware of the pressure she's putting on the family, Audrey tells Gary that if the price is right she'd like him to fix her dry rot. Gary's thrilled when Nicola arrives on the street to visit Eileen. But Sarah inwardly fumes when she clocks the designer clothes Gary bought Zack for Christmas. Nicola reminds Gary he's behind with his maintenance payments but he assures her it's in hand as he's just landed a big contract.

Roy returns home to find Carla giving a description of him to the police. Roy apologises for causing any inconvenience, explaining he spent the night train spotting and he's sorry for worrying her. Elsewhere, the nurse assures Sinead that she did nothing wrong and Bertie is making good progress.

Wednesday 23 January part one

Tracy tries the softly softly approach with Amy, gently quizzing her about the father of her baby. Amy assures her it was consensual sex that took place at a party just before Christmas. As Amy discusses her situation with Simon, Steve clocks their exchange and jumps to conclusions. Meanwhile at the family planning clinic Amy is told she needs a scan before a termination. When the ultrasound reveals that Amy is in fact 10 weeks pregnant, Tracy turns to Amy demanding the truth.

Sarah's at her wit's end living at the Platts and begs Nick to give her a pay rise but he refuses. Gary's gutted to hear that he's lost out on the contract for Audrey's house as she's had a cheaper quote. Meanwhile, over lunch in the bistro, Roy and Carla reminisce about Hayley but they're interrupted by Shona who tells Roy that Sylvia's been taken seriously ill. Elsewhere, Abi's acing her interview but when the interviewer asks Abi about the gaps in her CV she becomes flustered and claims she was travelling in Botswana, leading to some very tricky questions.

Wednesday 23 January part two

The nurse explains that at her late stage Amy will need a surgical termination. Amy's horrified. When Steve reveals his suspicions about Simon, Tracy reads a text from Simon on Amy's phone and sets off on the warpath. In front of Peter, Tracy accuses Simon of getting Amy pregnant. Simon denies it but it's clear he's hiding something. After speaking to Faye about her experience, Amy has a change of heart.

When Tyrone finds out that Evelyn failed to show up for bingo and forgot to collect Ruby from school, he's quietly concerned. Tyrone suggests she should see a doctor as he's worried about her memory but Evelyn refuses. Meanwhile, when Sarah finds out Gary had lunch with Nicola and he failed to secure Audrey's contract, she's furious. Desperate for some cash, Gary phones his old mate Joe. Elsewhere having tied herself in Botswanian knots, Abi admits she's never been travelling but has done several stints in prison. Has she lost her chance? Roy phones the hospital and is shocked to discover Sylvia's had a heart attack.

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Friday 25 January part one

Sarah's furious to find Gary in the pub discussing a building job in Qatar with Joe. Nicola backs Sarah up, reminding Gary of her offer to stop paying her maintenance until he's back on his feet. This is news to Sarah who hits the bar, downing shots with the girls. When Adam suggests a nightcap back at his flat, Sarah accepts, keen to avoid Gary.

Leanne interrogates Simon over Amy's pregnancy. Simon assures her it's nothing to do with him. As Amy refuses to reveal who the daddy is, Tracy points the finger at Simon. Leanne leaps to his defence and whilst the woman trade insults, Amy rushes off in tears. Meanwhile, when Evelyn reveals she's going away for a few days Tyrone's concerned and follows her. After watching her knock on the door of a house and be let in by a man in a wheelchair, Tyrone confronts Evelyn and demands to know what's going on.

Elsewhere, as Peter works on his boat, Abi stops and flirts with him. Roy returns home and tells Carla that he was too late, by the time he got to Hastings Sylvia had died. Carla's heart breaks for him.

Friday 25 January part two

James introduces himself to Tyrone, who reveals that he's Evelyn's grandson. James invites him in as Evelyn throws daggers at Tyrone. James explains how his parents died, Evelyn took him under her wing and every year they go on holiday. Tyrone's jealous to realise there's another side to his Gran. But when James lets slip a bombshell about Evelyn Tyrone's left reeling.

Adam and Sarah flirt over a bottle of wine but when Adam tries to kiss her, will Sarah respond? Seb watches as Sarah heads out of the flat closely followed by Adam. Assuming that Adam's hassling her, Seb wades in and gives him a shove. Incensed, Adam punches Seb. Sarah takes Seb back to No.11 and tends to his injuries. She plays down the situation with Adam but lies to Gary, making out Seb was set upon by a guy he'd never seen before. Will Seb go along with her story?

Elsewhere when Carla finds Roy cataloguing all Sylvia's belongings but unwilling to talk about her, she worries that he's bottling up his feelings. When Simon reveals Peter's plan to take him sailing once the boat is finished, Leanne's furious and points out he needs to focus on school.

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