Outlander's season four ending was supposed to be VERY different

Did you enjoy season four?

Just like that, season four of Outlander is over and we're back to the worst time of every year – Droughtlander! The finale of the hit period drama saw Jamie, Claire and Young Ian finally manage to track down and rescue Roger, who is devastated to hear that Brianna was attacked and is torn between returning to his own time or staying in the past and helping her raise her child. Eventually his love for Bree wins, and one of the final scenes of the series sees them romantically reuniting as he promises to raise the baby as his son. However, the ending could have been very different.

Chatting to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Toni Graphia revealed that she was going to let the series end on a cliffhanger, with fans believing that Roger had abandoned Brianna. She said: "In the first outline that I wrote, I put everything from the end of the book and realised very quickly that it was way too much material. It just wouldn't fit in the finale. But I realised I wasn't going to be able to tell it all. So we let the pendulum swing the other way. We went, 'How about if Jamie and Claire come back, and we end it with Bree on the steps?' She says, 'Where's Roger?' And then we just cut to black."

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Toni continued that she didn't want fans to dislike Roger so eventually changed her mind, saying: "We just thought, Droughtlander is already too long. We didn't want people to go for months and months wondering about Roger and thinking, 'God, is he really a jerk? Did he really not come back?' So the pendulum kind of swung back and we decided we had to bring him back. Thematically, it all came together with this particular version of the story."

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