Britain's Got Talent star killed by partner in terrifying attack, court hears

Desmond Sylva has admitted to committing manslaughter

Emmy Griffiths

Britain's Got Talent contestant Simonne Kerr was killed by her boyfriend in a terrifying attack which took place in August 2018, a court heard on Monday. The 31-year-old nurse had performed in the final of the talent show in 2018 as part of the B Positive Choir after her young son, Kavele, died from complications of sickle cell disease. Her partner, Desmond Sylva, appeared in court at the Old Bailey on trial for murder, where the prosecution stated that Simonne didn't "stand a chance" against him after he attacked her with a knife.


Simonne was a part of the B Positive Choir

Following the attack, Desmond was said to call the police himself, telling them: "Can I have police please? I've just committed a murder. I'm ex-Army and I've got lots of mental health issues." He added that he did it because, "She got on my nerves, man, trying to fight me and take my money so I had to defend myself'". He has admitted to manslaughter, but has denied murdering her.


Simonne's then-partner is on trial at the Old Bailey

Simonne was last seen leaving her shift at the hospital and heading to her partner's flat in Clapham. Speaking in court, the prosecutor Oliver Glasgow said: "The last few minutes of [Ms Kerr's] life must have been utterly terrifying: repeatedly stabbed by the man who was supposed to care for her but who in the end simply butchered her and then tried to blame her for what he had done. He chose to pick up a knife and he chose to use it again and again to stab Simonne Kerr at a time when he was not acting in lawful self-defence."

Simonne previously appeared in an advert for NHS Give Blood, and opened up about her son's illness. In the video, she said: "He woke up vomiting, high fever, and it was at that point as well that he had blood for the first time – but it was too late for him. I was just into my second year of nursing, I didn't think of giving blood until Kavele passed away."