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New Outlander season five trailer is FINALLY here - and we have broken it down

We have broken down the most important moments from the new Outlander season 5 trailer

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Outlander fans, rejoice! The first sign that the long Droughtlander is nearly over as the first trailer for season five, which is due to be released in February 2020, is nearly on our screens! In the first look clip, we are reunited with all of our favourite characters, including Jamie, Claire, Roger, Brianna and Murtagh – but what information can we glean from the new trailer? While it tries not to give too much away, here are just some of the key moments in the teaser…

Brianna and Roger adjust to colonial America

After spending most of season four forced apart after Roger was forced to work on Stephen Bonnet's ship and then sold off to a Cherokee tribe in a terrible misunderstanding solely down to Jamie, Brianna and Roger were only reunited at the very end of season four. In season five, it looks like much of the plot will focus on how the pair adjust to married life, with Brianna teaching him the essential skills of living in rural America during colonial times.

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We predict a riot

There looks like there will be plenty of drama surrounding Aunt Jocasta's home in season five, as the trailer seems to hint as someone being burned at the stake outside of the house as others gathered with guns and torches (AKA, the very definition of an angry mob). So why were they there? And what are they unhappy about? We hope Jamie and Claire are safe!

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Roger wants to go home

Unsurprisingly, considering the tricky time he has had in the past so far, it appears that Roger is more than ready to return to their own time of the 1960s, a sentiment that Brianna doesn't seem to agree with. So will the pair go back through the stones with their baby son? The voiceover also appears to hint that Claire might return back to her own time thanks to the dangers of the time and the upcoming Civil War. That being said, would Claire ever really leave Jamie again? We doubt it!

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Jamie's loyalties are torn

While Jamie is loyal to his friend, Murtagh, the end of season four also sees him charged by the Crown to round up the country's rebels, which is quite tricky when you are harbouring one of them. Despite torn loyalties, it looks like Jamie will do his best to prove his loyalty to the English while slyly working with Murtagh – a move that we can't see ending up working out too well – if the array of muskets and fighting in the trailer are anything to go by!

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John Grey is back!

Hurrah! Everyone's fan favourite character, John Grey, is back! In season four, we saw Jamie's BFF visit the family at Fraser's Ridge and come to an understanding with Claire over his unrequited love for her husband. He also befriends Brianna and becomes her confidante while Claire and Jamie are away, so his return is likely to be a welcome one in the Fraser family. But why has he returned? We can't wait to find out.

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