Katherine Ryan reveals boyfriend fought off masked intruder for Netflix scripts

We're glad Katherine Ryan and her boyfriend Bobby are okay!

Comedian Katherine Ryan, who is perhaps best known for hosting Your Face or Mine, has opened up about a terrifying ordeal over the weekend where a masked burglar broke into her home and attempted to steal several items, including a laptop containing the scripts of her upcoming Netflix show, The Duchess, but was fought off by her boyfriend. Katherine took to Instagram Stories to open up about the horrific incident, revealing that her partner, Bobby Kootstra, wrestled the laptop off the masked robber before calling the police. Sharing a photo of the officers at her house, she wrote: "Cool to be robbed tonight by a masked man in our home." She added: "This is why I love Bobby K because he got in a fight and wrestled back my Netflix series and scripts."

Katherine shared snaps from their frightening evening on Instagram Stories

She also joked that she was going to buy a German shepherd after the troubling incident as her dogs were "asleep at the wheel" during the break in. However, the robbery clearly rattled the star, who wrote: "That's fine I never liked sleeping anyway," in the middle of the night as she struggled to nod off on the same night.

She joked that her dogs weren't very helpful

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Katherine has also spoken about the burglary on Twitter, and responded to the suggestion that the story about the scripts was a publicity stunt. The original tweeter wrote: "No one was after @kathbum script for some show they were after the laptop to flog for a fix. Great free publicity for a show that no one knew was happening up to a few hours ago. Didn't JK Rowling try this stunt with one of her books that were stolen just before a big launch." Katherine replied: "It's not that he was AFTER it, it's that he would have HAD it duhhhhh like when sentimental things are stolen, they're not 'AFTER' the memory of your grandmother."

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