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9 NOW TV Halloween TV shows and films that will scare you senseless

NOW TV viewers beware, you're in for a scare!

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Do you love nothing more than snuggling up and then being scared witless from what you're watching on the television? Fortunately, we have the best range of films and TV shows from NOW TV that will let you do just that! Check out our top picks here...


Just when you think Michael Myers has decided to hang up his knives and settle in to life in the mental asylum, he escapes once again to go after Laurie Stride… again. There is a reason that the Halloween franchise is a massive, scary hit, and there couldn't be a better time to catch up with the latest addition of the popular film series.

hallowen 1

The Shining

Based on a novel by Stephen King, this iconic film follows a small family who move to an empty hotel so that Jack can be the winter caretaker, ignoring advice that the isolation of the hotel in the wintertime can drive people mad. While his son sees stranger occurrences (creepy twins, anyone?), Jack's mental stability begins to unravel. With its sequel, Doctor Sleep, released in October, this would be the perfect time to have a refresher.

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The Ring

Good thing VHS isn't a thing anymore! In the modern classic The Ring, you only have to watch a haunting video when you receive a phone call – telling you that you have just seven days left to live. After her nephew watches the video, journalist Rachel has to do whatever it takes to save him and herself. Warning: the creepy girl in this is the stuff of nightmares and will haunt your dreams. Happy viewing!

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The prequel to The Conjuring, Annabelle follows a couple who buy a vintage doll for their daughter's nursery, only to discover that it contains the spirit of a satanic worshipper who killed herself in the couple's home. If you think scary moving dolls are the most terrifying thing you can think of… then you should definitely watch this. Halloween is a time for being scared after all!

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Slender Man

After the Slender Man became an Internet urban myth, telling of a man with long arms and legs appearing in woods, of course they had to make a film version of it! In the movie, four best friends in high school decide to summon the Slender Man as a bit of a joke, then slowly become haunted by the spooky Internet spectre.

halloween 5

Hocus Pocus

You can scare yourself silly, or watch a silly Halloween classic, up to you! Hocus Pocus follows Max, the new kid in town who accidentally lights a candle and resurrects three terrifying (but not really) witches, who are determined to steal the children of Salem's souls. With the help of Thackery Binks, a boy turned cat who was cursed by the witches' centuries before, Max and his friends have to stop the witches before it is too late.

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The Walking Dead

What's says Halloween more than zombies? With ten seasons to catch up on, but The Walking Dead will definitely have you entertained for Halloween – all 24 hours of it if you wish! The series follows Rick Grimes, a former police officer, who leads a band of survivors through a zombie-riddled America, facing everything from zombie hoards to suicidal scientists. The show has had its ups and downs, but it is a firm favourite for fans of the genre!

walking dead rick

American Horror Story: 1984

This is the ninth instalment of American Horror Story but don't worry, as an anthology series you don't need to have watched the rest! While the series has previously dealt with witch covens, lunatic asylums and freak shows, 1984 takes the form of a classic horror slasher film, as a group of friends decide to enjoy the summer in an isolated camp.

American Horror Story Season 9 Trailer (HD) AHS 1984

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Inside No. 9

A brilliantly creepy and overall genius anthology series. Ranging from comedic to tragic, the series follows two actors in a variety of roles – all based in or around the number nine. For their previously live Halloween special, Dead Line, which we'd certainly recommended on the 31st, the official synopsis reads: "When Arthur Flitwick finds an old mobile phone in his local graveyard, he makes the mistake of trying to contact the owner. But some mysteries are best left unsolved and as Halloween draws near Arthur is plunged into a nightmare of his own making."

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