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5 questions we have for Dublin Murders episode five 

Dublin murders is nearly back on our screens - here's what we're hoping we'll find out during Monday's episode

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Dublin Murders has been on our screens for a few weeks now, and we are still none the wiser about many (MANY) major questions. In fact, if anything the exciting crime drama has simply given us more questions without answering any yet, and since the plot with more twists than a Curly Wurly, some viewers have taken to social media admitting that they have no idea what is going on! Here's everything we still need answers to in Monday night's episode...

Will the real Lexie please stand up?

Having realised that her former thug friends had nothing to do with the death of 'Lexie', Cassie agrees to go undercover and join Lexie's weird gang of rich friends to try to find out the true identity of Lexie's murderer. However, the question on everyone's lips is; who on earth was Lexie to begin with? Did Cassie have a twin she tried to block out? Was the Lexie she invented following her parents death actually real? Or is fake Lexie just a stranger than fiction doppelganger? We need answers!

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Will Cassie get away with her undercover operation?

Cassie might have gotten away with the undercover game when she had never met the criminal group before, but how well will she fare with Lexie's real circle of friends, who knew her and lived with her? Will having a fringe cut in and getting a nose piercing really be all that it takes to convince them that their friend has returned from the dead?

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Who on earth killed Katy?

As the episodes go on, and Cassie goes undercover for a new case while Rob grapples with Katy's murder case bringing back terrible memories for him as a child, it feels like the once-all important storyline, who killed Katy, has taken a backseat. The thing is, we still really want to know! There is definitely something fishy with her family, her father was being threatened by some bad people, and there's a weird archeologist proving wine over himself where she was discovered. But will any of these avenues actually lead somewhere?

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Was Adam involved in Jamie and Peter's disappearance?

Jamie's heartbroken mother is still adamant that little Adam still very much had some involvement in the disappearance of her child, but is she right? We don't doubt that Rob truly can't remember a single thing that happened in the events up until Jamie and Peter's mysterious disappearance, but as time goes one, including seeing Rob's cruel side when he rejected Cassie following their night together, we're becoming more and more concerned that he might really have been involved after all.

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Who is the man in the blue tracksuit?

The only potential suspect so far made by one of the people who found Katy's body and Katy's sister, Jessica, was a man in a French blue tracksuit loitering about the woods. According to Jessica, he also tried to convinced her and Katy to go with him to look at some kittens. But who was he, and will we ever find out?

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