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When will Lin Manuel Miranda appear in His Dark Materials? 

Lin Manuel Miranda plays Lee Scoresby, a fan favourite character in the novels

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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While fans have been loving the new adaptation of His Dark Materials, many have taken to Twitter to discuss one major character who has so far been missing from the series; Lin Manuel Miranda. In the show, Lin plays Lee Scoresby, an aeronaut, but has yet to appear in the first two episodes. Posting on social media, one fan wrote: "So I’ve been watching #HisDarkMaterials. Two episodes and I’m waiting for @Lin_Manuel to show up. Where are you?" Another added: "Where is Lin Manuel Miranda? He’s the only reason I’m bothering with this show!"

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When will we meet Lee Scoresby?

We can confirm that the actor, who is best known for his roles in Mary Poppins Returns and Hamilton, will make his debut in the fourth episodes of popular BBC series, so we'll be seeing him on our screens on Sunday 24 November. Since Lee meets Lyra as she begins to journey to the north, we will finally meet him in Trollesund along with his hare dæmon, Hester.

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Lin will make his first appearance in episode four

Although he won't be appearing in the show for another couple of weeks, Lin has been reacting to each episode on Twitter, and keeping fans entertained with behind-the-scenes information about filming. In the latest episode, which sees Lord Boreal travel from the world of the show to our own universe, Lin tweeted: "Now it can be told! Boreal’s door between worlds was literally filmed on the street where we lived in Pontcanna. We screamed when it showed up in the ep."

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Speaking about living in Wales during filming, he previously told the BBC: "I think part of the joy of saying yes to this was in getting to live in a new part of the world. My wife is a lawyer and she does her homework, so every weekend is a different expedition. So, we are going to go to Hay-on-Wye and eat ice cream, and go to all the used booksellers and find cool stuff to read. Or we are going to go to Caerphilly Castle and take the kids. I was very lucky that my oldest son was in a knight phase and we had no shortage of castles to take him to."

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