Susanna Reid reveals 'nightmare' Christmas present from Piers Morgan

Susanna Reid wasn't too pleased with her GMB Christmas gift

Susanna Reid revealed her Christmas present from the Good Morning Britain team – and she wasn't at all happy about it! During Wednesday morning's show, the co-presenter revealed that the show bosses had bought her a life-size cut out of her fellow presenter, Piers Morgan. As the cut out was being brought onto set, she said: "This is what I've got for Christmas from Good Morning Britain. Thank you so much. The programme was worried that I might experience separation anxiety at Christmas. That is some kind of nightmare."

Piers was delighted with the cut out, telling Susanna: "This is for your bedroom!" He stood next to the cardboard figure, posing in the exact same way, and joked: "This could be the brand new presenting team for Good Morning Britain, look!" Charlotte Hawkins helped Susanna out, telling her: "You will now have something to throw darts at." The 49-year-old ultimately gave it to Charlotte, saying: "Charlotte, you can have that! There you go."

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Susannah joked about the gift

Fans were quick to joke about the Christmas present, with one writing: "At least the cardboard piers might let people get a word in now and then," while another added: "Poor @susannareid100 how do you keep your cool? Love @piersmorgan but I can turn him off! Happy Christmas all." Piers recently announced the exciting news that he had signed a new two-year contract on the breakfast show, but admitted that he will be done with the show when the contract ends in 2021. He said: "I've got two more years. Two more years of stories... anyway that's it, two more years and then I'll sail off into the sunset." He later added: "And I guarantee then I'll be out."

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