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Graham Norton's best and most controversial jokes at 2020 BAFTAs 

Graham had plenty of jokes ready about Cats, Joker and more

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Graham Norton followed in the footsteps on Joanna Lumley and Stephen Fry on Sunday night after presenting the BAFTA Awards, and it's fair to say that audiences thought that the chat show host did a great job. Of course, the presenter couldn't resist teasing the famous audience - and made sure to poke fun at plenty of the nominees. Check out Graham's best jokes of the evening here... 

The Irishman

Graham kicked off the proceedings with a brilliant opening speech where he joked about the Netflix film The Irishman's three-and-a-half hour running time, saying: "I'm Graham Norton, your host for this evening, which means there's more than one Irishman here tonight that seems to go on and on." 


Did you enjoy Graham as a host?


The musical film Cats was one of 2019's most panned films, and the chat show host couldn't resist poking fun at the star-studded movie, saying: "Now, I should add, don't be too concerned tonight because you are in safe hands. I'm not going to be mean to anyone, because you might know in my other job I'm a chat show host, which means apparently I have never seen a film I didn't really enjoy. It's true. I loved Cats. No, I did. Not even joking. It was brilliant. Cats, but with hands. So clever. I loved it."



BAFTAs' eco theme 

Since the 2020 theme for BAFTAs was sustainability, Graham couldn't resist joking about the American audience members who had flown over for the special night. He said: "A huge thank you must be made to our American friends for making the effort to come here tonight. You know it takes ages to sail across the Atlantic doesn’t it. You did, didn’t you? Thank you for caring. It is the eco awards ladies and gentlemen. This year Bafta have asked us to make sustainable fashion choices, old clothes, now I have. I really have. Fun fact. This jacket is older than Florence Pugh. I’m not even joking." 


Kate recycled a dress from 2012


Graham teased the themes of the popular film Joker and the lack of diversity at the awards' show, saying: "Yes, a bit of chat about the old white male privilege, and you can sort of see why. I mean, 11 nominations for Joker, which is essentially the story of a white man who makes himself even whiter." His joke didn't go down well with the film's star, Joaquin Phoenix, who watched on looking unimpressed. 


Graham poked fun at Joker

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