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What does the future of Love Island look like?

Should Love Island continue following Caroline Flack's death? 

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Love Island returned to television on Monday night, two days after the tragic death of the show's former host, Caroline Flack, who died by suicide on Saturday. The series opened with loving tribute to the late 40-year-old by the show's narrator, Iain Stirling, who said: "Caroline and me were together from the very start of Love Island, and her passion, work and infectious enthusiasm were a crucial part of what made the show connect with millions of viewers." While the show continued with minimal narration by Iain, the return of the series sparked the question among many about whether Love Island should be cancelled. 

WATCH: Love Island's tribute to Caroline Flack

While ITV has yet to confirm whether the series will return in the summer, presenter Laura Whitmore has had her say in an emotional tribute to Caroline on her radio show, in which she defended the reality series. She explained: "The problem wasn’t the show, the show was loving, caring and safe and protective. The problem is, the outside world is not. Anyone who has ever compared one woman against another on Twitter, knocked someone because of their appearance, invaded someone else's privacy, who have made mean, unnecessary comments on an online forum need to look at themselves."

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Laura Whitmore defended the show

Piers Morgan has also spoken about how he feels Caroline would want the show to continue. Responding to a statement from ITV that the series would return on Monday night, he wrote: "Right decision. Caroline’s death had nothing to do with Love Island. I can’t stand that show but she loved it & would want it to continue." A viewer added: "Tonight feels too soon for the return of #LoveIsland and yet I’m aware there will never be a good time in this kind of situation. I worry the disconnect between the tribute and show will ruin the poignancy. Saying that, Caroline LOVED #LoveIsland so maybe it is for the best we get back to the islanders, their quirks, their friendships and feuds, and see this series out properly."

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Do you think the show should continue?

However, others have spoken out about how they feel that the show should now be cancelled. One person tweeted: "Chatting with pals all are obsessed with #loveisland. All feel this series should be cancelled. How can it go on? How can winners celebrate? Donate prize money to Samaritans? God knows legal ramifications for ITV, but the right thing to do." Another person added: "I genuinely think when this series is done love island needs to be cancelled. Yes Caroline Flack absolutely loved it, but it’s not and will never be the same again."