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Ross Kemp surprises fans after announcing second coronavirus documentary following controversy 

Ross Kemp was met with controversy following the documentary On the NHS Frontline 

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Although Ross Kemp's most recent documentary, On the NHS Frontline, was met with criticism from viewers due to the crew using PPE and filming in hospitals during the coronavirus crisis, the TV personality has announced plans to make a second documentary based on COVID-19. This time, Ross will be meeting Britain's 'volunteer army' who are working towards helping the country during the crisis. 

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WATCH: Ross Kemp defends wearing PPE during documentary

Speaking about the project, Ross explained: "It makes me immensely proud to see the British public mobilising in their thousands to come to the assistance of the vulnerable in our society, and the NHS, in their time of need. This pandemic has produced all sorts of unlikely heroes and it will be a real privilege to meet some of them and celebrate their selfless work." 

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Ross Kemp will be meeting volunteers during the crisis

The former EastEnders star previously defended the original documentary on Good Morning Britain, explaining that any PPE used was replaced by the production team. He explained: "In terms of the PPE, we used one set, and we brought more than that, and we left it behind, and it’s exactly the same standard. So they were happy with what we did. At no point we were a drain on resources. And only myself and the cameraman actually went in to the ICU. We were there for a very short time – under half an hour." 

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Meanwhile, ITV have announced their first drama series based on COVID-19, Isolation Stories, which will follow four different families as they cope during the lockdown. The first episode will star Sheridan Smith, a pregnant woman living alone who has to cope with expecting a baby after being left by the father of her child. 

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