Palm Springs trailer

Palm Springs looks like the best romcom of 2020 so far - watch 

The Brooklyn 99 and How I Met Your Mother stars shine in the new trailer - watch it here

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Fans are already calling the upcoming rom-com Palm Springs one of their most-anticipated films of 2020 after the trailer was released on Tuesday night - and we agree! 

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The film, which stars Brooklyn 99 star Andy Samberg and 'the mother' from How I Met Your Mother, Cristin Milioti, follows an unlikely couple who find themselves in a Groundhog Day-esque situation where they are repeating the same day over and over together during their friend's wedding day in Palm Springs. Watch the trailer here...

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WATCH: The Palm Springs trailer has already been a big hit on social media - see it for yourself

Speaking about the upcoming film, which arrives on the US streaming service Hulu on 10 July (the UK release date has yet to be confirmed), one person wrote: "I had no idea about the plot and now I'm so excited." 

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Another added: "I saw an early screening of it knowing nothing and LOVED it. Discovering what it was actually about as you watch it is a true joy, and I wish that joy for you." A third person wrote: "I was going to have such a productive evening, then the #palmspringsmovie trailer just drops from nowhere and I've spent the last hour just rewatching it and thinking about the movie."