Where is Christopher Jefferies now?

His story formed the basis of The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies on ITV

Francesca Shillcock

ITV's The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies comes to a conclusion on Tuesday evening after the mini-series was repeated for those who missed the drama when it aired in 2014. The BAFTA-winning drama stars Jason Watkins as Christopher, a retired teacher who was arrested and falsely accused of the murder of Joanna Yeates in 2010.

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Many have enjoyed watching the drama and spoke out on social media about the horrific injustice Christopher faced when he was wrongfully arrested, but many are also intrigued to know where he is now? Here's what we know…

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Where is Christopher Jefferies now?

Christopher Jefferies, now in his seventies, often keeps out of the spotlight. However, he has given interviews since his false arrest in 2010, particularly after the ITV drama was released in 2014. He has also held speeches about his libel cases, and even gave evidence for the Leveson Inquiry of 2011, which sought to examine the conduct and ethics of the tabloid press. He's also a patron of the press reform group, Hacked Off, which was started by a number of individuals affected by privacy invasion from the press, including actor Hugh Grant, in the wake of Leveson and the phone hacking scandal.


Christopher has since spoken out about his wrongful arrest

What has Christopher Jefferies said about the ITV drama?

Christopher himself worked with ITV and the writers of the show, giving his approval. The former teacher did admit he found it difficult on set watching the re-enactment. He told Radio Times in 2014: "I went to the set, which had my flat […] and the street outside recreated, and there were 13 takes. Because my arrest is done in the film exactly as it happened, I found it quite impossible to watch Jason in that scene."


Jason Watkins as Christopher Jefferies

What happened to Joanna Yeates' killer?

Joanna's killer was ultimately revealed as her neighbour, Vincent Tabak. Three weeks after Christopher was initially arrested and released on suspicion of murder, the Avon and Somerset Constabulary arrested Vincent and he was charged with her murder. He initially denied having any involvement in her death, but then changed his plea to guilty of manslaughter, which was rejected by the Crown Prosecution Service.

He was eventually found guilty of Joanna's murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison. At the time, Mr Justice Field said: "In my view you are very dangerous. In my opinion you are thoroughly deceitful, dishonest and manipulative," adding that he had committed "a dreadful, evil act on a vulnerable young woman". Vincent is currently serving his 20-year sentence.

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