Disney+'s WandaVision trailer is here and fans are asking the same question 

The first WandaVision trailer shows Vision and Wanda in a strange new world 

Emmy Griffiths

Disney+ has released their first trailer for WandaVision, one of the planned MCU TV series which will feature two of the popular Avengers - Wanda and Vision. 

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In the first trailer for the new show, the couple are living in a sitcom before they realise that something is very wrong with the world they are inhabiting. So why are they there, and how is it linked to the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame? Watch the trailer here... 

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WATCH: Where are Wanda and Vision in the new MCU show? 

Fans have been asking the same question about the new series which - spoiler alert - is based on the events of the superheroes films. Taking to YouTube, plenty of viewers were wondering just how Vision is alive again in the series, with one writing: "How did they bring back vision to life with the mind stone?? I thought Thanos killed Vision and destroyed the mindstone?"


The series is set to be released in December

Another added: "Wanda puts herself into a fictional world? Like Pleasantville? But then how does Kathryn Hahn know Vision’s dead? She must be real. And was just living in Wanda’s illusion? Believing that was reality? He was alive there. But not when she isn’t brainwashed?" 

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Other fans were keen to answer the question with theories of their own, with one writing: "Got a theory #WandaVision will be set within Scarlet Witch's reality-bending powers. This means Vision can still be 'alive' and it can lead into #DrStrange2." We'll have to check the show out in December to find out! 

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