All you need to know about BBC's romantic drama The 7.39

Will you be watching the show again?

Francesca Shillcock

With so many great shows out there have been released in recent years, it's always welcomed when a drama is circled back round again for another chance to watch.

On Monday, BBC are set to air part one of romantic drama The 7.39 which was originally aired in 2014. So if you missed out the first time, or simply want to enjoy all over again, then you're in luck!

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The TV film tells the story of two people living separate lives but end up meeting on the 7.39am train to London Waterloo. Soon, their worlds entwine but trouble later looms. Sounds good, right? Keep scrolling for all the details on the drama below…


What is The 7.39 about?

Written by David Nicholls (One Day, Us), The 7.39 introduces us to Carl and Sally, who end up getting into an argument on their morning commute while travelling into London. At first, Carl expresses that Sally has taken his seat, however the two come to an agreement and get talking.

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The drama first aired in 2014

After some time, the two end up falling in love and embarking on an affair. Carl has a wife, Maggie, and two children at home, but he's unhappy with his mundane routine.

Elsewhere, Sally is also in a relationship and due to marry her fiancée, but is having doubts. The first part of story details Sally and Carl falling in love, and the second instalment will see the fallout from their affair. We can't wait to watch!


Sheridan Smith and David Morrissey star in the drama

Who stars in the 7.39?

It seems the two-part show has an all-star cast. David Morrissey, who is also known for his work in The Walking Dead and Britannia, takes the lead as Carl Matthews in the drama.

Playing opposite David as Sally is Sheridan Smith, perhaps best known for work on BBC sitcom Gavin and Stacey and in ITV's Cilla. TV legend and Academy Award winner Olivia Colman stars as Carl's wife Maggie, meanwhile Scott and Bailey star Sean Maguire plays Sally's fiancee.

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