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James and Ola Jordan talk Dancing on Ice: Ella interrupted the show by walking for the first time

The pair chatted about week three's episode

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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James and Ola Jordan were loving Sunday night's Dancing on Ice, and it was a very memorable episode as it marked the special moment that their daughter, Ella, walked for the very first time!

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"It was really fun last night," Ola said happily. 

James explained: "It was such an exciting evening, we were watching Dancing on Ice and all of a sudden I said to Ola, 'Ella just walked from here to there,' and Ola said, 'No, she didn't!' So we paused the TV and that's when she started walking on her own. It was so amazing and she was so excited, bless her." 

WATCH: Little Ella walks for the very first time!

Laughing, Ola added: "She was so excited that she wouldn't go to bed until 9 pm. She wouldn't sleep! The problem is now, as soon as we've woken up, she's grabbing us and is walking around with us - it's tiring!" 

Their beautiful daughter, who will be turning one in late February, also certainly takes after her talented mum and dad as she enjoyed having a dance to the episode! James said: "She was dancing last night! She was dancing along to Amy Tinkler's routine's song, Fame

amy tinkler

Ella was enjoying a boogie to Fame 

"We were watching the show, took our eyes off her for a second, heard this squeaking and we looked over and she was sat on our coffee table dancing! We have to have eyes in the back of our heads at the moment." 

The pair had plenty to say about Sunday's episode, and gave their expert advice on the celebrity performances on the popular ITV show. 

James said: "I think the skating standard is very high. Joe-Warren Plant and Vanessa Bauer were unbelievable. His skating ability is brilliant! He's young, which helps a lot. I think he's the best skater at the moment. He's able to push himself a lot more than everyone else. Colin Jackson was brilliant, especially when you consider his age. He might be an Olympian but he's 53! So I thought he did a fantastic job, he was smooth across the ice.

hamilton doi

The pair skated to a Hamilton-inspired performance 

"I always feel comfortable when I watch him, and the only thing I'd say is performance-wise he needs to throw himself into it a bit more, but he was one of my favourite performances." 

The Dancing on Ice 2019 winner continued: "As for Faye Brooks, we were blown away in week one so I was a bit disappointed and I'm being picky, but I expected so much from her because of how good she was before.

"What I have found is that the women contestants don't do much skating on their own. They're holding onto their professional partners a lot, especially in comparison to the men. I would like to see them let go of their partners and show us that they can be fast and strong on the ice on their own. Faye's great, but I want to see how good she is when she's not being led by Hamish - but then again it's only week three!

faye mary

James opened up about wanting to see Faye show off her skills 

"The last four or five years, a man has won, and maybe that's why. Maybe people at home realise men are doing more on the show than women. I would love to see a woman win, but I also think the public are tougher on women." 

The pair chatted about Denise Van Outen's unfortunate exit from the show after suffering a shoulder injury, and James was quick to relate to the difficult situation. 

"I injured my shoulder in the final week but I was lucky it was the final week," he said. "Had it not, I would have had to pull out as well. There're certain injuries you just can't push through. I'm gutted for her because she's put all that hard work in and now she's had to leave the show. If you're voted out of the competition, that's easier than having to leave because of an injury." 

Chatting about her replacement, Amy Tinkler, Ola said: "Amy was so brilliant, she just came in and wow, amazing. Her lines were great, she was great. She moved across the ice fantastic with her partner." 

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The pair revealed that they thought as many as six people could win the series, with James listing Joe, Colin, Faye, Amy, Sonny Jay and Lady Leshurr as potential winners. He added: "I think that it depends on how they progress over the next few weeks. I think the frontrunners right now are Joe and Faye, but it depends on what everyone else does. If Colin is as good as he was this week, he could become a frontrunner. They're so good this year, they're all of a similar standard which is great. It makes for a really good competition." 

James was full of praise for Sonny as well, saying: "I think Sonny has a lot of potential, I was impressed. I think he's excitable which I like, he seems like a really nice guy and he has some great moves on the ice. He has that likability too so I think he'll go a long way in the competition." 

sonny jay

The pair were impressed by Sonny

The episode saw Graham Bell leave the show, and the former Strictly pros were sad to see him go. "I'm gutted that Graham went out," James admitted. "Someone has to be in the bottom two, and this time it was Graham and Rebecca but in that skate-off I would have saved Graham." 

He added: "The thing is, the public are voting for other people more than you so it's never wrong who is in the bottom two. Jason Donovan might have been in the bottom of the leaderboard, but it's not a proper skating competition, it's like Strictly where it's popularity as well. So she was third from the bottom, Lady Leshurr was beneath her - but I don't think she should have been. For me she was way better. 

"As much as I love John Barrowman, I think he was overly harsh on her. I thought she was much better than the judges made out. She was the only woman who tried to skate on her own so I'm glad that she was saved." 

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