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The Drowning: viewers determined that Daniel isn't really Jodie's son 

What do you think of the Channel 5 drama? 

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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The Drowning viewers believe that Daniel isn't really Jodie's son - despite episode three revealing that a DNA test came back with a 99 per cent match confirming that they are related. 

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Taking to Twitter, plenty of fans voiced their suspicions that the DNA results had been tampered with by Jodie's brother, and that he is the one behind Tom's disappearance all those years ago. 

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One person wrote: "I think Tom is dead, think it's all about the brother. Think he had DNA test changed and think he has something to do with Toms death. Can't wait for the last part tonight." Another added: "Wait a minute... I got all excited when they said the percentage match to Jodie compared to Mark but... Who was Jodie's brother on the phone to? Someone in the DNA lab perhaps? Tweaking the results? This gets more & more complex! Great thriller... loving it!" 

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Do you think Jodie's brother is behind the DNA results?

A third fan tweeted: "So if the DNA test results are fake. The family know what actually happened to Tom. What does the brother 'owe her' as per the mum's conversation with. Who was Mark on the phone to? Was he going to bury Jodie at the he did his ex-wife?" 

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Jill Halfpenny, who plays Jodie, previously opened up about her reaction to the ending, admitting that she didn't see it coming. She told I Talk Telly: "I actually didn't see it coming. Some other people might, but I didn't. Endings are notoriously tricky. You just have to look at Twitter to know that no one's ever satisfied with endings!

"But I feel like there's enough tied up and a feeling that the right things have happened, but also without it being too neat and obvious. I was satisfied with it." 

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