Grantchester star James Norton tranforms to play terminally ill dad in heartbreaking film

The Happy Valley actor opened up about the affecting role 

Happy Valley star James Norton is set to star in a heartbreaking new film, Nowhere Specialand we're reaching for tissues just from watching the first look!

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The drama is inspired by a true story, and follows the story of John, a 35-year-old window cleaner who is a single parent to his three-year-old son after his mother left them after giving birth. 

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WATCH: John tries to find a new family for son in Nowhere Special

After discovering that he has a terminal illness and only has a few months to live, John goes on a journey to find the perfect new family for his young son, while shielding him from the realities of the devastating news. 

James opened up about the role 

Speaking about the film to the Independent, James said: "The script broke my heart. It was such a powerful read. I don’t think I’ve ever read a script like it, the simplicity of it. I kept on trying to explain the story to people. It was simply just a young man preparing his son for death." 

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He continued: "This film couldn’t be further from Bond and I had one of the most special and memorable experiences I’ve ever had on a film set... I think for me, what I really love – I hope I don’t sound overly earnest – is that it is all about character. Often, when you put too much stuff in the way of that, you deny the actor, the director, the storytellers, their opportunity to excavate character.”

In the film, James plays window cleaner John

 The film is directed by The Full Monty's Uberto Pasolini, and will be out in cinemas in Spring 2021 - so let's hope they're open by then! 

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