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The best Parks and Recreation guest stars of all-time 

From Marvel stars to the President of the United States - meet the best Parks and Recs guest stars

parks and rec cameos
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Parks and Recreation has been trending ever since it landed on Netflix - and for good reason! The beloved comedy, starring Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari and Chris Pratt, is full of amazing cameo appearances from Hollywood (and Washington D.C)'s finest! From Friends actors to the President of the United States himself, check out the best guest stars here... 

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President Joe Biden 

Back then he was the VP, but it didn't make Leslie any less thrilled to meet her number one crush, President Joe Biden himself. In the episode, Ben surprises Leslie by introducing her to Joe - and their exchange has become an iconic scene in the show. Also, we have to hand it to Joe - the leader of the free world can act!

WATCH: Leslie Knope meets Joe Biden

Patricia Clarkson 

After plenty of encounters with Ron's ex-wife, Tammy two, fans are finally introduced to his terrifying first ex-wife, aptly named Tammy one, and played pitch-perfectly by Patricia. In the season four episode one, the Easy A actress reveals that she is auditing Ron in an attempt to find his buried gold. Luckily, Leslie is on hand to help save Ron from the clutches of his dastardly ex via a drinking contest. 

patricia 1

Paul Rudd 

Friends star Paul Rudd had a guest spot in season four as Bobby Newport, an adorable yet clueless member of the rich Newport family who runs against Leslie in the city council election - and gains quite a following despite never being quite sure just what on earth he is doing. 

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paul rudd 1

Christie Brinkley

In one of the funniest guest spots on the entire show, the supermodel stars in the show as Jerry Gergich's wife, Gayle. Since Jerry is frequently teased and berated by his fellow Parks and Rec teammates during work hours, they are shocked when they discover that his wife is breathtakingly stunning and very much in love with Jerry. 

christie brinkley

Michelle Obama 

In another spectacular cameo from the world of politics, Leslie is overwhelmed when she meets former First Lady Michelle Obama while considering taking a job in Chicago, and the pair chat about national parks. Michelle looks incredible in her cameo and we were fangirling while watching just as much as Leslie!  

michelle 2

Werner Herzog 

In an excellent season seven cameo, Werner plays the creepy owner of a haunted house that April and Andy decide to buy after their relationship becomes too ordinary. 

werner horzog

Jon Hamm 

Jon makes cameo appearances in season six and seven of the hit show as Ed, who works for the council who is very, very bad at his job. As Leslie says: "You're a nice guy, but you're the most incompetent person I've ever worked with, and that includes Terry."  

jon hamm

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