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Behind Her Eyes viewers spot bizarre moment that hints character is still alive 

Warning, major spoilers ahead for Netflix show!

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Netflix’s show Behind Her Eyes was a massive hit with fans after landing on the streaming platform in February, and follows a young woman, Louise, as she becomes embroiled in the lives of a seemingly perfect couple, David and Adele.

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The show follows Louise and Adele as they learn to astral project, meaning that they can separate their consciousness from their own bodies. In the finale it is revealed that Adele has actually been her friend Rob all along,  who also learned how to do it, who then tricks Louise into leaving her body - and becomes her instead, seemingly leaving Louise to die in Adele’s body. But did she? 

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A popular new theory on Reddit has suggested that Louise might not have died in the fire after all, but entered the consciousness of - wait for it - a pigeon. 

Posting on the site, one person wrote: “My notion… after Adele flees the scene in Louise’s body, she enters the apartment and there’s a pigeon sitting in the counter. She coolly stares at it for a few moments until it flies out the balcony door. I believe Louise last-minute swapped bodies with the bird.” 

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Adele was actually Rob all along

They list potential reasons why, including that the pigeon’s presence in the flat felt random, that the show foreshadowed the big reveal, and so could be setting things up for a second season, and that Louise was able to control where she went while astral projecting, and would have been able to leave Adele’s body again.

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Others were quick to agree, with one writing: “Aw, I love both the pigeon theories. Can’t imagine coming back from being a pigeon would end well for either of them,” while another added: “Agree completely with this! Also on an earlier episode at work Louisa stared at another pigeon. I wonder if this could have been Adele?! Or maybe it’s just to bring awareness and symbolism of the pigeon to the viewer?” 

behind her eyes finale 1

Rob then took over Louise's body

However, others believed it could be Adele, writing: “My theory I think the pigeon is Adele but not Louise. Here is why, as mentioned previously a pigeon showed up earlier and there was a lot of emphasis on it sort of keeping an eye on what has been going on since Rob killed Adele (thought he did). In a last minute effort Adele transported her soul into a pigeon and has just been keeping tabs, which is why Rob looks at it so menacingly in the apartment.” 

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