Unforgotten season four finale clip hints at Cassie's fate

Warning, potential spoilers ahead 

Unforgotten's season four finale is set to air on Monday night, but for fans desperate to know more about Cassie's fate, ITV have released a sneak peek from the upcoming episode - and things don't look too good for our favourite detective inspector. 

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In the clip, Cassie's friend and colleague Sunny can be seen running into the hospital, then asking the receptionist about a woman who has been brought into the hospital. He then calls Cassie's son Adam, saying: "Hi Adam, it's Sunny Khan here. Listen, your mum has been involved in an accident in her car... You should probably get down here." 

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WATCH: Unforgotten season finale sneak peek

Viewers were understandably shocked after Cassie was involved in a car crash in the final moments of the previous episode, with one tweeting: "Can't kill Cassie off, she deserves to nail the killer, reconcile with her dad, then walk off into the sunset with her fella & her bloody pension in full," while another added: "I will be listening to Dolly's 'Light of a Clear Blue Morning' on repeat while surrounded by Cassie prayer candles, drinking nothing but red wine over the next week. Please respect my privacy at this most challenging time."

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A third person added: "If Cassie dies I don't know how I will get over it! Please don't do this to us! What a horrible ending to a series that would be #Unforgotten amazing show!" 

Will Cassie survive?

The ITV series has been hugely popular with viewers, and it seems the show has been more popular than ever before. Writer Chris Lang shared on Twitter last week that the drama has reached number one in the TV listings: "Oh, what's this? #Unforgotten #NUMBERONE!!"

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