Jennifer Love Hewitt reveals surprising detail from 9-1-1's mid-season premiere

Maddie and Chimney welcomed their baby but all is not as it seems

Fox drama 9 -1-1 returned on 19 April and fans finally saw Maddie Buckley and Howard Han welcome their baby girl.

But now star Jennifer Love Hewitt has revealed that the baby is, in fact, a robot!

The actress revealed that due to coronavirus restrictions she was "really nervous" about a baby being on set, telling The Wrap that "as a real-life mom I was like, 'oh my God, please don’t let us have a real baby'".

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Maddie and Chim finally welcomed their baby girl

But she added that it was "really responsible and great of them to actually choose to do this robot animatronic baby."

However, having a robot for a baby has also been "weird," admitting that they've "predominantly only been working with the robot baby" and it's only been in the past few weeks that a real baby has been on set.

Jennifer joined the show in season two

"It’s a trip because they look so real and they are real. But then, like, all of a sudden the guy will forget to tell you that he’s, like, turning on the movements," she joked.

"And so you’ll be holding it and it will turn its head, but it doesn’t turn its head like a real baby. And then you’re like, ‘Ah!’ So I’ve had a couple of nightmares about a robot baby off camera."

9-1-1 follows the lives of Los Angeles first responders

Following the lives of Los Angeles first responders, the series is now on its fourth season and follows Captain Bobby Nash, played by Peter Krause, and the 118 - Buck, Eddie, Hen, and Chimney - as they respond to emergencies with the help of LAPD patrol sergeant Athena, played by Angela Bassett, and 911 operator Maddie.

Jennifer joined the show at the beginning of season two, appearing as Evan 'Buck' Buckley's sister.

Maddie fell in love with his colleague Howard - known as Chimney - and the pair found out they were expecting a baby at the end of season three.

9-1-1 airs on Fox on Monday's 8/7c. Seasons one and two are available in the UK on Star.

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