School of Rock fans thrilled to discover two of the child stars are dating

This is such a cute story!

How well do you remember School of Rock? Just a few weeks after the hit film dropped on Netflix, a fan of the hit 2003 comedy has gone viral on TikTok for pointing out that two child stars from the film are actually dating in real life! Adorable!

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Caitlin Hale, who played enthusiastic singer Marta, and Angelo Massagli, who played a member of the band's security team Frankie, are actually dating almost two decades are the film's release!

The pair regularly share snaps of one another on Instagram, and joked about the sudden attention they received after the TikTok video received over two million views. Posting to Instagram stories, Caitlin wrote: "The rumours are true! We co-sign," alongside a snap of herself with Angelo. 

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WATCH: The TikTok video quickly went viral

Angelo added: "It was fun being social media's couple for the day. For those about to TikTok, we salute you." 

Caitlin shared a snap of herself in hospital with Angelo by her side to mark Endometriosis Awareness month, writing: "Happy Endometriosis Awareness month!

The couple are dating in real life

"It’s been 4 weeks since my second laparoscopic endometriosis excision surgery. I can't thank Dr. Seckin, Dr. Goldstein, and the @seckinmd team enough for their attentive care and thoughtfulness throughout the entire process. And, of course, couldn’t have done it without @angelo_massagli waiting on me hand and foot during my two weeks of bed rest!" 

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Caitlin played Marta in the hit film

Meanwhile, Angelo appeared to confirm that they began their relationship while at university. Sharing a snap of himself with Caitlin back in August 2019, he wrote: "Who would’ve thought a law degree would be the second best thing I left MIA with. On to NYC." 

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