Innocent ending explained – and viewers were stunned by shock twist

Did you guess the murderer? Warning: spoilers ahead…

Innocent has been keeping whodunit fans entertained each night this week and it's safe to say the ending left many pretty shocked.

The second series starred Katherine Kelly as a school teacher wrongly accused of murdering a pupil and sought to uncover the truth behind who committed the crime.

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After four episodes, viewers were finally given some answers. Warning! Major spoilers ahead as we break down the ending and that brilliant twist…

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WATCH: Innocent series two starring Katherine Kelly ends with a major twist

Viewers first met Sally Wright at the beginning of the series upon her release from prison after being wrongly convicted of murdering Matty Taylor – a pupil with whom she was also accused of having an inappropriate relationship.

There were many red herrings throughout that left many with their own view on who really killed Matty. Some thought Matty's fellow pupil Anna was the culprit after learning her obsession with him, while others were sure that Karen, Sally's ex-husband's new fiancee, was the killer.

In a surprising twist, it turned out that it was in fact Sally's ex, Sam, who killed Matty. After Karen's daughter Bethany lied to protect her mother in confessing she had killed him, more evidence came to light pointing to Sam.

He had lied about his alibi on the day Matty died, and Amazon gift cards addressed to Matty bought from Sam's bank account were also discovered. More and more pieces to the puzzle were coming togeher. 

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Innocent aired its series finale on Thursday

Viewers were stunned further to learn that it was in fact Sam who was engaging in an appropriate relationship with the 16-year-old. On the day of the murder, the two had an argument after Matty threatened to expose the relationship – which led to a heated moment in which Sam killed him with a broken bottle and then allowed his wife to take the fall.

Many were shocked by the turn of events in episode four and took to social media to give their verdict. One person wrote: "#Innocent on @ITV — now that's how you write a series finale! Brilliant acting, great writing, and a surprise twist at the end. Loved it."

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Did you guess the murderer?

Another agreed, writing: "Ok so I guessed the right murderer on #Innocent BUT I did not see that twist at the end! Brilliant writing as ever from Chris Lang. Completely absorbed in the drama from start to finish! #Innocent #ITV #ChrisLang." Meanwhile, a third said: "I have to say, I really enjoyed that from start to finish. What a twist at the end. #innocent."

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