Fans spot major plot clue with His Dark Materials season three snaps 

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His Dark Materials has marked the beginning of filming season three with a snap of Dafne Keen and Amir Wilson, who play Lyra and Will respectively, posing on set - and fans think they know what they might be filming!

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Part of the third novel, The Amber Spyglass, sees Lyra and Will enter new worlds including the Land of the Dead, while another character, Mary Malone, enters a world inhabited with animals named the Mulefa. Pointing out that the set could be the landscape for an alternative world, one person wrote: “Yay! Welcome back anonymous china clay quarry! All the best British TV has always been made in former china clay quarries!” 

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Another added: “The ‘what will the Mulefa look like’ curiosity is only slightly higher than the "how bad will the finale make me sob" worries. I can't wait.” 

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The BBC has released a synopsis for season three, which reads: “Series three opens with Lyra unconscious, having been given a sleeping draught by her mother, as Will, still carrying the Subtle Knife, continues his quest to find her. Will is tracked down by two angels - Balthamos and Baruch - who wish to take him to join Lord Asriel’s campaign against The Authority with Commander Ogunwe. 

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“But Will is not the only one after Lyra, with Father President MacPhail continuing his mission to destroy the child of the prophecy, employing the help of his most committed follower, Father Gomez. Meanwhile Oxford physicist Mary Malone reaches another parallel world - that of the Mulefa, a strange animal-like species. They tell her of a cataclysmic phenomenon in their world.

“With multiple new worlds, including the Land Of The Dead, returning characters and featuring strange new creatures the Mulefa and Gallivespians, the third series will bring Philip Pullman’s masterpiece to a dramatic conclusion.” 

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