Exclusive: Chicago Fire star Miranda Rae Mayo reveals hopes for Stella Kidd

Will Stella be leaving?

Chicago Fire star Miranda Rae Mayo has shared her hopes for Stella Kidd in season 10 - admitting it may be a benefit for her to leave Firehouse 51.

At the end of season nine, fans saw Stella take the lieutenant exam and pass. But the firehouse does not have a spot for a new lieutenant and it is unclear if Stella wants to move on or stay with her chosen family.

Miranda, however, would like to see her move on.

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WATCH: Chicago Fire: Boden asks Kidd to take Lieutenant's Test

"I would like to see her get a position as a lieutenant at another house, and I would love to see her learn what it means to be a leader not in the place where she came up - that is really what I want to see for her," Miranda told HELLO!

"How she confronts those challenges - of what works and doesn't work - confronting her past trauma and her childhood, her parents not being around, I would love to see that."

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Miranda added: "I would love to see more Girls On Fire, more of the character Aaliyah and how Stella, Kylie and Aaliyah interact, to see Stella navigate her imposter syndrome, and watch her find her space, find her boundaries.

"But there is something to be said - if you're a leader there are things you can't be doing, right? So watching her discover that - is that hard, or heartbreaking for her? Is that relieving for her? That's the stuff. And I trust the writers and they love her, so I trust them that it'll be fun."

Stella found a family at 51

The plot of season ten remains firmly under wraps for now, however, trailers for the new season do hint at devastation for the team, as the capsized boat Squad Three was trapped on was seen exploding in a recent clip.

Lieutenant Kelly Severide and Joe Cruz were both inside the boat, and Severide's fiance Stella was left on the docks watching in horror as Firehouse 51 realized they were unable to help.

Meanwhile, Chief Boden appeared to have taken a new job away from the firehouse, which will affect everyone more than he knows.

Will she be leaving?

The teaser kicked off with the cast of Chicago Fire gathered in front of Firehouse 51 as Chief Boden says: "We'll always be a family."

The speech - and the resigned faces of the crew -  hints that Boden, who heads up the team and is played by British actor Eamonn Walker, may be leaving the firehouse.

As fans will remember, Boden was given an incredible opportunity to advance his career in the season nine finale as he was offered the role of Deputy District Chief.

While it seemed that he was not keen to take on the role, at the end of the episode, viewers saw him call up Deputy Commissioner Gloria Hill, played by Nicole Brooks, to tell her his decision - a decision that viewers at home were not privy to.

One Chicago returns to screens on Wednesday 22 September on NBC at 8/7c

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