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Sort Your Life Out: the best hacks from Stacey Solomon’s house clear-out show

Discover cheap and easy hacks from the show

sort your life out expert hacks
Nicky Morris
TV and film writer
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Sort Your Life Out is the BBC’s new home improvement show which sees Stacey Solomon and a team of experts set out to declutter and organise the homes of six families. 

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The six-episode series sees each family layout all of their possessions before deciding what will be recycled, donated or sold. Once sorted, Stacey and her team reorganise the family home using unique cleaning quirks and tidying tips that don’t break the bank. 

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The Loose Women star is joined by organiser extraordinaire Dilly Carter, carpenter and upcycler Robert Bent, and cleaning fanatic Iwan Carrington - each who have their own clever hacks to share. 

The first two episodes saw the team transforming the homes of two families, one owned by single mum-of-three Stephanie, and the other by The Patels, a family of four. 

Read on to find out the best hacks from the two episodes. 

Stacey’s best hacks

Tidy curtain hack 

In the show, Stacey cuts toilet paper cardboard rolls and puts the circles in between the curtain pleats to keep them even. Foam pipe insulation also works well for this hack. 

Stacey explained that she found the hack online, saying: "So loads of people online save their toilet rolls and then try and cut them into even circles. Then they put them in between the pleats in their curtains and keep the pleats even."

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Dusting slipper hack

After mopping the dining room floor in the Patel household, Stacey can be seen sliding around the floor in dusting slippers, which the show says is an easy hand-free way to clean the floor.

sort your life out stacey© Photo: BBC

Stacey used toilet rolls for a pleated curtain hack

Iwan’s best hacks

Cola cleaning hack 

Cleaning fanatic Iwan used a super cheap and easy hack to clean a shower head in the first episode of the show. The cleaning expert placed the showerhead in a plastic bag before submerging it in a "splash" of cola

He explained why the hack works so well: "The cola is acidic so that is going to get to work on all of that limescale. All you need to do is leave that for a few hours to work its magic."

After leaving the showerhead in the plastic bag for a few hours, he rinsed and lightly scrubbed it before revealing a sparkling clean shower head.

Vinegar and mayonnaise hack 

Iwan showed the viewers a convenient and cheap way to get rid of hard-to-remove sticky adhesive marks on walls. 

To eliminate the marks, Iwan used vinegar in mayonnaise which softened the sticky marks. The vinegar is made of acetic acid which breaks down dirt. 

Small paintbrush cleaning hack

In the second episode of the show, Iwan used a small paintbrush to clean a delicate model ship and also brought a hairdryer along to blow away the dust from hard-to-reach nooks.

iwan cleaner© Photo: BBC

Iwan cleaned a showerhead using cola

Dilly’s best hacks 

Draw dividing hack 

In the first episode, cleaning expert Dilly can be seen organising single mum Stephanie’s bedroom and showed the viewers a quick and clever clothes storage hack. 

After folding each of her T-shirts in a square shape, Dilly placed the clothes in a dividing box to create more room in the chest of drawers. 

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Dilly explained the hack, saying: "I am folding all Steph’s vests, and I’m file folding them into one of our organisers. I’ve labelled it. Always think about folding into a square. By doing it this way you can fit six T-shirts in this tiny box." The decluttering expert also used dividers for small accessories.

Picture label hack 

Dilly shared a clever storage hack on the show which involves printing picture labels for boxes to help children understand which toys go in what box. Simply print out stickers with pictures on them and place them on storage boxes. 

dilly organise© Photo: BBC

Dilly used dividing boxes to store clothes

Robert’s best hacks

Clever kitchen storage hack

Carpenter Robert came up with a clever storage hack to make more room in the Patel’s kitchen. He installed three inch-deep drawers in the space below the kitchen cabinet, creating the perfect space for overflow items like baking dishes.

Rob explained his thinking behind the hack, saying: "We’re going to use this unused space for something worthwhile."

Floating shelves hack 

In episode two, Robert showed the viewers how to create floating shelves using wooden batons. He explained the hack, saying: "First start with the supporting batons which is the framework for this entire shelf. So we have all the batons along the back, a baton on the front and sections in-between."

rob carpenter© Photo: BBC

Robert created more kitchen space with a flat pack drawer hack

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