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Ginny and Georgia fans have major complaint over troubling moment in season 2 

Did you notice this about Ginny and Georgia? 

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Ginny and Georgia season two has finally been released after years of waiting, and it did not disappoint. However, one of Georgia’s more questionable moments has been picked up by fans, who took to social media to discuss it. What do you think about this morally ambiguous choice from our favourite murderous mom? Find out here…

Taking to Reddit, one person complained about how Georgia has destroyed her children’s futures by setting up credit cards in their name. They wrote: "Georgia is intense we all know that, and she says she does it for her kids, but the credit cards in her kid's name that she NEVER pays off messing with their credit is unforgivable to me. Ginny has a credit score of 315, how will she be able to go to college if she has to take out loans? 

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"I guess Zion or his family can help, but this is ridiculous she would stoop so low to do something like that and not even pay the credit cards off, yet she can pay 10k to her [expletive] two-faced sister. Georgia has some good points but this is ridiculous to me!" 

Other users were quick to agree, with one writing: "Messing with your kids' credit score is always something that’s gonna affect them later in life. Ginny is gonna struggle just getting a credit card HERSELF because of Georgia." Another person added: "Yes, what Georgia did was wrong but I can see people in desperate situations making the choice thinking they can rectify it later.

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"If it means the difference now of having a safe place to sleep versus college tuition that at that moment feels like a far-off problem. When you live in poverty immediate needs trump everything else."

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Did you notice this?

A third person defended Georgia, writing: "Yeah it is messed up, but Georgia was broke. It's not like she spent the money on herself. She obviously desperately needed money because she stole it from her employer/fiance when she did not want to. She had to focus on her kids' needs in that moment. What are you supposed to do when you're fleeing an abusive situation and have no money to take care of your kids? She was desperate but she has good intentions." What do you think? 

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