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Death in Paradise's biggest cliffhanger yet will leave fans shocked

What will happen to DI Neville Parker? Here's our top theories…

death in paradise ralf ep6

Death in Paradise series 12 episode six might just be the best episode yet. The episode, which aired on BBC One on Friday evening, saw DI Neville Parker and co. investigate the mysterious death of Jake Dalton, but the major cliffhanger was pretty shocking.

Warning! Major spoilers ahead for episode six – so save this for later if you've not yet caught up!

In a huge plot twist that will no doubt devastate Death in Paradise fans, Neville ended up getting arrested on suspicion of murder. But what really happened? HELLO! is breaking down the most recent episode in our latest video for our Under the Palm series. Watch the video below to see our top theories on what really went down…


The ending saw Neville (Ralf Little) confront former criminologist David Cartwright (Patrick Kennedy) after realising once and for all that he was the perpetrator behind Jake's murder. But viewers were then shocked to learn that Cartwright had himself been murdered! 

The death of Jake Dalton was a tough one for DI Neville and his team of investigators to crack. As the case went on, the prime suspects all seemingly had concrete alibis which seemed to rattle Neville more than usual.

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Patrick Kennedy as David Cartwright in Death in Paradise© Photo: BBC

David Cartwright went from perp to victim

One tense moment saw Neville presented with a book written by Cartwright with a note that read: "From your number one fan," which only pushed him over the edge.

Despite knowing that Cartwright was to blame, Neville and the team had no solid evidence – not to mention no specific motive – to finally nail him down once and for all.

Neville headed over to Cartwright's hotel room at the Mandabay Hotel to once again accuse him of murder. But did the DI actually kill him in his fit of rage? Or has he been framed? And if so, by whom? We can't wait to find out. 

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