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Death in Paradise fans have terrifying theory about what Andy needs to tell Neville

Warning, spoilers ahead for season 12 episode 3

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Death in Paradise fans have taken to Twitter to discuss the latest episode of the show, in which one of DI Neville Parker’s former colleagues, Andy, arrives on the island without Neville’s knowledge, shortly after backing out of a serious discussion with him. So what on earth is Andy doing on the island, and what did he need to tell the detective?

Viewers took to Twitter to share their theories, and many of them involve the fate of Neville’s love interest, Sophie. One person wrote: "Hear me out. Sophie’s dead already, Robert Webb's character followed her to London and killed her and the news that Andy was afraid to tell Neville is that she’s dead which is why he’s turned up to tell him in person. Might also tie in nicely for Andy to be new DI." 

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Another person added: "Somethings Andy there because he's got wind of some threat against Neville, connected to that loon last week watching him?"

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Is Sophie okay? Is there more to her than appears?

A third person wrote: "Definitely a link between last week's ending with Robert Webb and the way this week's ended with that Andy. All seems to point towards DI Neville Parker leaving this series, one way or another." A fourth added: "Is there something Andy knows about Sophie? Why was she really on Saint Marie? Why was she island hopping? Why did she contrive to get close to Neville? Is Andy actually investigating *her*?" Eek!

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Ralf Little, who plays Neville, has previously opened up about when he might leave the popular BBC show, explaining in an Instagram Story: "You do the series and the production company decide if the audience liked what you did and they work out if the character's run its course creatively because sometimes characters finish their story and it runs its course. They ask me if I want to do it and so on. 

robert webb car© Photo: BBC

Could Andy's ominous message involve Justin?

"This is what has happened in previous years. Once all those conversations have been had, then a decision is made. So no, no decision has been made yet but don't read into that. It doesn't mean anything."

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