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Lorraine Kelly shares 'shameful' photo following school shooting in powerful post

Congress representative Andy Ogles posed with guns alongside his family for Christmas

Lorraine Kelly on Lorraine
Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Lorraine Kelly has reshared Three children and three adults were shot and killed in the US school shooting in an area represented in Congress by Rep Andy Ogles, whose Christmas photo showed his family – including children – posing with guns. Sharing the photo on Instagram, Lorraine wrote: "SHAMEFUL and SCANDALOUS Posted @withregram • @piersmorgan Yesterday, three 9yr-old children & three adults were murdered in the latest US school mass shooting. The district in Nashville, Tennessee, is represented in Congress by. Rep. Andy Ogles. This was his family's Christmas card last year." The post was originally shared by her former ITV colleague, Piers. 

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Commenting on the post, one person wrote: "I wonder how they feel if a member of their family was gunned down for no apparent reason?" Another person added: "Never felt prouder to be British and a Brit living in New Zealand- both countries had mass shootings and both took immediate action for gun control. Honestly America is like the drunk uncle at Xmas parties - embarrassing." A third person added: "Sadly America will never change its gun laws!!" 

Congessman Andy Ogles' Christmas photo
Lorraine shared Congessman Andy Ogles' Christmas photo

Police have confirmed that three children, Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs and William Kinney, and as Cynthia Peak, 61, Katherine Koonce, 60, and Mike Hill, 61 were killed in the attack by Audrey Hale, 28, a former pupil of the school who was killed by police. 

Audrey, who identified as transgender, was armed with three guns including a semi-automatic rifle, with Police Chief John Drake confirming that they had found a manifesto from the attacker with "a map of how all of this was going to play out". 

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