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Jury Duty cast: Who are they and where have you seen them before?

One of the actors is the father of a major Hollywood star!

Jury Duty cast
Nicky Morris
TV and film writer
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Jury Duty is the new documentary-style comedy series that has taken the internet by storm. The Amazon Freevee show, which was created by the makers of The Office, follows a court case through the eyes of a group of jurors.

The main hook of the show is that everyone involved – from the judge to the prosecutor and bailiff – is an actor, except for juror Ronald, who believes the cameras are there for a documentary about the judicial system. While we know Ronald is a contractor who genuinely signed up for jury duty, who are the actors playing the rest of the jurors? From Todd to Jeannie, find out below…

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James Marsden

Hollywood actor James Marsden plays a self-important, obnoxious version of himself, who tries desperately hard to get himself excused but subsequently ends up getting the jury sequestered.

As he told his fellow jurors in episode one, he's perhaps best known for his roles in Enchanted, The Notebook, Westworld, Sonic the Hedgehog and of course, Sex Drive, which Ronald admitted was his favorite. 

James Marsden play himself in Jury Duty© Amazon Freevee
James Marsden plays himself in Jury Duty

Susan Berger

Susan Berger plays sleepy juror Barbara, who struggles to keep her eyes open during the trial and is frequently prodded by Jeannie and Ronald in an attempt to keep her awake. 

Susan has made one-episode appearances in various TV shows over the years, including Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy and Lucifer. 

Susan Berger in Jury Duty© Amazon Freevee
Susan Berger has appeared in several comedy shows over her career

Comedy is clearly her strong point as the actress has various comedy series listed on her IMDb page, including Mythic Quest, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 2 Broke Girls and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

She also appeared in four episodes of American Horror Story season six, playing the role of 'Real Butcher'. 

Cassandra Blair

Cassandra Blair plays Vanessa, a self-confessed true crime fan and member of the "Reddit Bureau of Investigations". 

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The actress has appeared in several TV series over her career, including NCIS: Hawai'i, Hacks, 9-1-1 and even Westworld. 

Cassandra Blair in Jury Duty© Amazon Prime Freevee
Cassandra Blair plays Vanessa

Rashida 'Sheedz' Olayiwola

Rashida Olayiwola plays Officer Nikki, the no-nonsense bailiff in charge of escorting the jurors to and from the courtroom. 

Prior to her role on Jury Duty, Rashida worked as both an actress and writer on the comedy shows, Sherman's Showcase and South Side.

Rashida 'Sheedz' Olayiwola in Jury Duty© Amazon Prime Freevee
Rashida 'Sheedz' Olayiwola as Bailiff Nikki

David Brown

David Brown plays Todd, an odd yet lovable juror who forms an unlikely friendship with Ronald. David is an actor and performer, who makes up one-third of the Los Angeles-based alternative sketch group, The Shrimp Boys, and is also part of the comedy troupe Helltrap Nightmare, which includes SNL star Sarah Sherman!

Before appearing in Jury Duty, David appeared in a range of films and TV shows, including the 2022 movies The Year Between and The Everything Now Show, as well as the TV series Snugglr. 

David Brown as Todd in Jury Duty© Amazon Freevee
David Brown is an actor and comedian

Kirk Fox

James Marsden aside, Kirk Fox is perhaps one of the most recognisable actors in the show, in which he plays driving instructor and fellow juror Pat. 

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Viewers may recognise Kirk for playing Britta's ex-boyfriend, Blade, in the comedy series Community, as well as for his role as 'Sewage Joe' in Parks and Recreation.

Kirk Fox on Jury Duty© Netflix
Kirk Fox previously appeared on the comedy series Community

He has also made appearances in NCIS, The Mick, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Community. 

Ross Kimball

Ross Kimball is a comedian and actor, who plays friendly school teacher Ross in the series. 

Like many of the cast members, Ross has made several one-episode appearances in a variety of TV shows, including Superstore, the Netflix comedy-drama Love and Chicago Med. He also hosts a podcast called GOOD AT PARTIES.

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Ross began his career performing and teaching improvisation in Chicago – so it's not hard to see why casting directors chose him for the role. 

Ross Kimball in Amazon Prime Freevee© Amazon Prime Freevee
Ross Kimball plays school teacher Ross

Pramode Kumar

Pramode Kumar is an actor and producer who plays sweet juror Ravi in the mockumentary series. 

He is perhaps best recognised for his recurring role as Roger on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The actor also starred as Peter in the miniseries Peter, Tom and Jerry, and has played minor roles in various shows and films, such as Shameless and the superhero film, Birds of Prey. 

Pramode Kumar plays Ravi in Jury Duty© Amazon Freevee
Pramode Kumar plays Ravi

Mekki Leeper

Mekki Leeper is an actor and comedian who not only played the role of awkward juror Noah, but also served as a writer on the show.

His most notable role to date is perhaps playing Eric in both seasons of the HBO comedy-drama, The Sex Lives of College Girls. 

Mekki Leeper in jury Duty© Amazon Prime Freevee
Mekki Leeper is a writer and actor on the show

Brandon Loeser

Brandon Loeser plays surprisingly popular juror Tim in the series. Working mostly as a stuntman, Brandon has appeared in shows such as The Rookie, Silicon Valley, Westworld and Superstore. 

Edy Modica

Edy Modica is a Brooklyn-based actress who plays fun-loving juror Jeannie, who makes no secret of her crush on Noah.

The actress has previously appeared in various short films, including Made for Love, In The Flesh and Nicole. 

Edy Modica in Jury Duty© Amazon Prime Freevee
Edy Modica plays fun-loving juror Jeannie

Maria Russell

Maria Russell is an actress and off-Broadway theatre performer who plays enthusiastic juror Inez, who is desperate to be named as the foreperson. 

Prior to her role on Jury Duty, Maria appeared in TV shows such as Teen Wolf, General Hospital and most recently, in the Netflix thriller The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window, as Beth Halloran. 

Maria Russell plays Inez in Jury Duty© Amazon Freevee
Maria Russell plays enthusiastic juror Inez

Ishmel Sahid

Ishmel Sahid plays unproblematic juror Lonnie, who is initially made an alternate before becoming a fully fledged juror. 

Ishmel is most likely to be recognised for his role as Clark on the Nickelodeon TV show, Cousins for Life. He also played Jamal in season two of drama series Kingdom. 

Ishmel Sahid in Jury Duty© Amazon Prime Freevee
Ishmel Sahid as Lonnie

Ron Song

Ron Song plays slow-talking juror Ken Hyun, who claims to be the busy "owner and manager of two gumball machines".

Before playing Ken, Ron landed minor roles in shows such as Netflix's From Scratch, playing Dr Park, and the TV miniseries, Gaslit, which starred Julia Roberts. 

Ron Song in Jury Duty© Amazon Prime Freevee
Ron Song plays Ken in the show

Alan Barinholtz

Alan Barinholtz plays Judge Rosen in the series and is both an actor and a real-life attorney! He received his undergraduate degree in theater from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio and also earned his law degree from Loyola University in Chicago.

Alan Barinholtz as Judge Rosen © Amazon Freevee
Alan Barinholtz as Judge Rosen

Prior to Jury Duty, he made one-episode appearances in the Hulu show History of the World: Part 2 and the film, The Oath.

He is also the father of famous Hollywood actor Ike Barinholtz, who is known for appearing in various comedy movies over the years, including The Afterparty, Blockers and Sisters. He also played Morgan in The Mindy Project. 

Ike's brother Jon is also a successful actor and is perhaps best known for playing Marcus White on the NBC sitcom Superstore.

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