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Meet the cast of Dannii Minogue's I Kissed a Girl

Meet the 10 singles looking for love 

Megan Bull
TV Writer
May 13, 2024
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Dannii Minogue has returned to our screens, hosting I Kissed a Girl on BBC Three. Described as the "UK's first dating show for girls who like girls," the show is filmed at a stunning Italian Masseria that could rival the Love Island villa. 

Promising more twists and turns than ever, 10 singles and some late arrival are matched up and introduced, sharing a kiss upon their first meeting. But, will it lead to something more? If you're yet to tune in, you can meet the contestants here…


Abbie from I Kissed a Girl © BBC


Based in Brighton, 24-year-old Abbie came out when she was 12 and credits her grandad as her biggest ally. Describing her dating history as "disastrous," the make-up artist and hair stylist hopes to find a girlfriend who will treat her right.


Amy from I Kissed a Girl© BBC


Social media manager Amy describes herself as "a gay man trapped in a lesbian's body." Having grown up in a conservative corner of Surrey, the 24-year-old knows what it's like to feel different and found it tough being in an environment where everyone's expected to follow the crowd. After being single for three years, Amy hopes to find a "princess" in the Masseria.  


Cara from I Kissed a Girl© BBC


Known for her humour and sense of adventure, Cara, 25, identifies as bisexual. When it comes to dating, however, the aesthetician admits to having her walls up and is hoping she can bring them down on the show. 


Demi from I Kissed a Girl© BBC


After graduating with a master's degree in Gender, Media and Culture, Demi now works as a publishing assistant. Currently living at home with her family, who are of Nigerian heritage, the 23-year-old admits that coming out came with its challenges, explaining that her father found it hard to accept. As she navigates the dating scene, Demi is open-minded about what her type might be.


Fiorenza from I Kissed a Girl© BBC


A chef by day and drummer at night, Fiorenza is often perceived as a player by other girls but in reality, the 22-year-old is a self-proclaimed "softie" hoping to find a relationship. Her usual type is a femme girl with plenty of personality. 


Georgia from I Kissed a Girl© BBC


Professional footballer player Georgia has always put her career first, and while she's played for different teams and travelled to amazing places, her dating life has been forced to take a backseat. After struggling with the word 'lesbian' because of bad experiences in school, she's finally managed to feel a sense of pride when it comes to her sexuality. 


Lisa from I Kissed a Girl© BBC


Psychology undergraduate Lisha came out to her family at the age of 13. Described as a "tomboy at heart," the 22-year-old has dated girls in the past but finds it difficult to find the right dynamic.


Meg from I Kissed a Girl© BBC


A dancer and fire-breather from West Yorkshire, Meg jokes that there are two sides to her. On one hand, she loves to dress sexy and enjoys attention, but on the other, she's looking to settle down with her forever person. While the 24-year-old isn't a lover of labels, she describes herself as "bisexual with more of a preference towards women."


Naee from I Kissed a Girl© BBC


25-year-old Naee is extremely close to her family, particularly her mum and sister, who she credits with being so accepting and supportive when she came out. An engineer based in London, Naee is attracted to femme girls and wants to find a girlfriend that she can treat like a princess. 


Priya from I Kissed a Girl© BBC


Known for being a diva, Priya couldn't be prouder of her dual heritage - her mum is white, and her dad is Sikh Punjabi. Based in Newport, South Wales, the 23-year-old has found it hard to meet other queer women in her local area, and she also admits to falling hard and fast, so this time around, she's trying to take things at a slower pace.


Eva from I Kissed a Girl© BBC


Late arrival Eva is a natural flirt and, in her own words, a "Stem" – a girl with a mix of masculine and feminine energy. In terms of dating, the 22-year-old has been in relationships but never in love. She's most attracted to women with confidence, ambition, and independence.