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The Tourist: what happened in season one? The ultimate recap

Here's all of the drama before The Tourist season two that you need to know...

the tourist jamie
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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The Tourist is returning for season two very soon, and sees Jamie Dornan back once again as the amnesiac man being hunted down - though this time he is on the run in Ireland. Since the hit BBC series was released in January 2022, even the biggest fan might need a reminder of what went down in season one, so check out our ultimate recap here… 

In season one, Jamie is on the run from a truck hellbent on trying to murder him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t succeed, and the truck knocks him and his car off the road, badly injuring him. When he wakes up in hospital, he has no memory of who he is or what he is doing in Australia. A kindly police officer, Helen Chambers, attempts to help him as his "only friend in the world". 

WATCH: Remind yourself about season one here

Helen, incidentally, is engaged to Ethan, who makes her attend Weight Watcher classes with him and undermines her on every occasion. 

Jamie sticks with his only clue - a note about a meet-up time and place - and goes to a cafe where he meets a waitress named Luci. Luci shocked when he can’t remember anything about his past. As they leave the cafe,  the table where Jamie was told to wait is blown up - revealing that he narrowly avoided another assassination attempt. 

jamie the tourist© Photo: BBC
Jamie plays a man who has lost his memory

After spending some time with Luci, who decides to help him track down his identity and why he is being pursued, he discovers that he and Luci know one another after all, and she reveals his real name: Elliot Stanley. 

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Elliot continues to have dreams about a woman named Lena Pascal, who he feels is connected to his past and who he needs to find. It becomes apparent that the Crime boss Kostas Panigiris is behind the hunt for Elliot, who owes him a lot of money which has disappeared. 

the tourist jamie dornan
He discovers he is called Elliot Stanley

Elliot realises that he has a connection to Kostas and his associate, Marko, and was involved in their crime operation. It is eventually revealed that he was Kostas’ accountant who fell in love and ran away with his fiancee, Luci, stealing a bag of money to start their new lives. He discovers the bag of cash while having a face-off with Kostas, who is killed. However, Luci is also wounded in the aftermath and dies.  

the tourist shalom© Photo: BBC
He meets Luci, a woman from his past

He then discovers that he was never a good person, and Lena was actually a woman who smuggled heroin for him, and who he performed surgery on to remove the drugs. Despite having a blossoming friendship with Elliot, which ultimately leads her to become a completely different person and break up with her fiancé, Helen is shocked by his actions and turns from him. 

Despondent, Elliot attempts to die by suicide, but after some reflection, Helen appears to forgive him by sending him a burrito emoji, which they agreed in an earlier conversation meant that everything was good. Now, who’s ready for season two?!

the tourist duo
Helen ultimately splits up with Ethan

The official synopsis reads: "Set against the striking backdrop of Ireland, the upcoming series sees Elliot and Helen dragged into a longstanding feud and forced to deal with the consequences of his past actions. After Elliot quickly goes missing, Helen seeks the help of Detective Ruairi Slater before secrets of Elliot’s past are later uncovered."