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Vigil: viewers are saying same thing about season 2 finale

Did you enjoy the Vigil finale?

Suranne Jones and Romola Garai as Amy Silva and Eliza Russell in Vigil
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Vigil’s finale has finally landed, and fans took to social media to discuss how Amy Silva and Kirsten Longacre’s story concluded. In season two, the couple enter the secret world of drone warfare to discover a killer - but was the ending a satisfying one?

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, one person exclaimed: "That was so satisfying OMG DCI Silva #Vigil," while another person wrote: "Acclaim where it’s due. The quality of recent BBC drama has been exceptional, none more so than #Vigil, the last episode of which was shown tonight. Brilliant acting and a tremendous story line. Thank you BBC."

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A third person posed: "Finished watching season 2 of #Vigil tonight. What a series. Very impactful and, unfortunately, what happens in the show has similarities to real-world conflicts. Not every conflict is black and white. This show has a very strong message and was well executed by brilliant actors." Another fan added: "The second series of Vigil was much better than the first one in my opinion, I thought Dugary Scott's character was very sus in the first episode - great TV though." 

Suranne Jones as Amy Silva in Vigil © Jamie Simpson
Suranne Jones as Amy Silva in Vigil

However, not everyone was convinced, with one writing: "#Vigil too many ridiculous scenes to mention. The escape then rescue of the two women. Shoot out in the rented office space. RAF flying just 2 people home 5 hours in  a C130 transport plane. The armoury scene. It was [expletive]."

Of course, the chatter quickly turned to season three speculation, with one person posted: "Oh I enjoyed that! Series 3 when?" 

Suranne Jones as Amy Silva in Vigil© BBC/World Productions/Mark Mainz
Did you enjoy season 2?

Chatting to HELLO! about a potential third season, show creator Tom Edge said: "I think we never take anything for granted in terms of actors because our actors are incredible and have so many jobs and it's a useful thought to think we have to have a shot at earning their time and their pick. That is a reasonably high bar." 

Rose Leslie as Kirsten Longacre in Vigil© Mark Mainz
Rose Leslie as Kirsten Longacre in Vigil

He continued: "If we think about doing that, it has to feel like there's something urgent to be said, both on a character level and in terms of the domain that we may enter to unpack those questions. But I will say, the world does not seem short on turbulence and on questions."

Rose Leslie added: "Well I've got to get pregnant again, then series three is a go!"

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